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EDU HOSTEL Yogyakarta is about Comfort and Space

I have known about the place because a few travel bloggers from the Philippines have already stayed here. The perk of being one of them. And so this is where we stayed for two nights during the entire duration of our Yogyakarta trip and with a hotel this good and value, I can stay here for a week without even thinking of looking anywhere else.
EDU HOSTEL Yogyakarta

The place has a fresh feel. Thanks to the wide and high ceiling lobby with light paint it feels airy and welcoming. Attendants are also efficient and friendly although they could be a bit bitchy at times. We were so exhausted upon check in and all we want to to get into our room the soonest. There was a group at the reception and I thought they are checking out so I asked if it will take longer to accommodate me. The lady at the front desk reminded me that i should wait in line but in a little sarcastic way. I thought there should be one processing check in and one for check out because there were three receptionists there at the time. Well.

While checking in, our friend immediately checked his social media accounts at the computers in the lobby. Yeah, no need to bring gadgets, there are eight computers at the lobby you can use to connect online. There are also many comfortable seats where you can relax while waiting.
There are electronic door at every floor. Meaning, you can only enter the hallway of the floor where your room is if you have an electronic card. Otherwise, hanggang elevator or hagdan kalang. This is nice because events are usually hosted at the upper deck restaurant so non in-house guests can just access the elevator or the stairs to the restaurant and not the rooms. CCTV's are also installed at major points tom ensure security.


I was surprised at the room. We stayed in a 4-bed private dorm which costs 46,000 Rupiah per night..The room is good for 4pax. Since it is private, you have to pay for the whole place even if there are only two of you. We opted for this because we traveled with our friend Rupert and it was perfect because the bed is queen size on the first deck and two single on the upper deck.

Mattress are really thick and soft and the bed frame really sturdy so you wouldn't be bothered by any shaking.My wife and I stayed on the lower deck while our friend Rupert stayed up. I said that I was surprised with the room because I rarely saw one on a hostel with ceiling this high. This allows for the placement of a double deck bed that's elevated enough you wouldn't feel constrained when staying at the lower deck. They also made a lovely framed ladder to go up the upper deck so it feels like climbing a balcony each time.

The floor to ceiling glass windows makes for a lovely view every time you open the curtains. You can clearly see the volcano and surrounding mountains from here on a clear day.

The room is equipped with a 32inch flat screen cable tv and a long tv which comes very handy when you have a lot of stuff you want readily available.
The orientation of the restroom is one that I also like. The shower is separate from the toiled and immediately outside both is the lavatory with a giant mirror. Hot shower works well and water pressure is perfect. The only issue I have with the shower room is the lack of toiletries holder. Sure, a soap and shampoo holder is stalled on the wall with sufficient contents but I am one who always travel with my own toiletries so I ended up placing my soap and shampoo on the floor while taking showers. You can opt to place them at the lavatory but it's very inconvenient to open the door each time you need em.

The lavatory would also be better with soap holder on it as it really gets messy when you place them near the faucet. Other than that, I love the room, its functionality and airy feel.


Other than the room, another favorite hangout is the common area at the lobby. Just above reception is an elevated area where a big, comfortable sofa and a 40-inch cable tv.
Wifi is free but only at the lobby. The password for the wifi is the local word for "togetherness". Guests are reminded that wifi is not provided in rooms because if so people will not be coming out of their rooms anymore thereby missing out on the social aspect of staying here. Edu Hostel after all is a hostel. Makes sense.

Oh, another favorite, the open area at the rooftop. Everybody loves open spaces and it's such a luxury for a hostel to have a roof deck. Yogyakarta is a city but it is able to retain its countryside feel since there is hardly any over-imposing landmark or building. What you get therefore once at the roofdeck of Edu Hostel is fresh air, good sunlight and a wonderful view of two volcanoes that defines the area.
And there's another layer. A roof deck on the roof deck. Very consistent with the common area at the lobby and the double deck bed. A lot of open space to lazy around and a couple of tables and chairs too. There is an L-shaped pool around one meter wide and one meter deep that follows the edges of the hotel. I reckon it is more of an additional accent to the place. The sign though says "swim at your own risk" which means you can swim if you want.


Breakfast is served at the restaurant next to the roof deck open area. You are basically given stubs which you can use to claim your meal. There were only three of us but we were given four stubs since we were staying in a 4-bed private dorm. I gave away our extra stub to another guest who couldn't find her stub.

Local food is served. It is buffet style but during our stay, it was basically nasi (rice) two dishes, one side dish and some sort of cracker which tastes good when dipped in a special sauce. I actually like the breakfast. It was rather simple but hearty.


Well, the location is not that good. We got here via Transjogja and the nearest station is around 1,000 meters away. Quite far for somebody who is already tired of walking around a temple complex. If you are taking the taxi, it is only 20 minutes away from the airport depending on traffic and around 80,000 Rupiah. Not bad. It is a little away from Malioboro though which I think is the lifeline of the city, the happening street day in and day out. You have to take the becak to get there and becaks are exaggeratedly expensive.

(from the hotel website)

From Adisucipto International Airport, look for the Bus Shelter and take the Trans Jogja Bus Line 3A. You need to get off at Ngabean Station, and walk 150 meters towards the traffic light intersection to the north. The tariff for the ride will be approximately Rp. 3.000, and the trip can take up to 40 minutes because it includes sight seeing of the city. For more information about our bus system, click here. You could also take a taxi from the airport. This is approximately a 45 minute ride, and will cost around Rp. 70.000.

If you arrive via Tugu Train Station, you will take the southern gate exit out of the station, and find a local trishaw (Becak). Ask the rider to take you to EDU Hostel Jogja - they will know our location or you can simply give them our address and they will know where to go. This is approximately takes 10-15 minute ride and will cost around IDR 20.000 to IDR 25.000.


Edu Hostel might not be the best in terms of location but it is also the advantage of the hotel. Since it is a little away from the happening street of Malioboro, its here where you can be more calm and relaxed. I like it because of its modern and fresh feel. I like its concept of space --the common area, the restaurant, the lobby, and the roof deck --all spacious. The physical space for me translates into a place which is breathable both in the body and the spirit.

For that, I would say Edu Hostel was a good choice. ^^

Jl Let Jen Suprapto No. 17 Ngampilan, Yogyakarta55261 – Indonesia
Tel: (+62) 274-543 295
Fax: (+62) 274-543 495
BB Pin: 257085CC