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TRANSJAKARTA Bus Rapid Transit to BLOCK M for a little Shopping + meetup w/ Acen, a local Blogger friend

TransJakarta Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System, the first BRT system in Southern and Southeast Asia and now the current holder of having the world's longest BRT route , has its first corridor Blok M to Kota passing through our hotel along Selamat Datang Monument. Perfect because on our last day, we thought of a little shopping (for cheap clothes or accessories) and at the same time meet Acen who is a Jakarta-based blogger.
TransJakarta Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System at Block M

The closest station from our hotel was closed for renovation so we had to walk a few blocks more to Sarinah Station. No biggie because we were entertained by beautiful buildings on both sides of the wide avenue leading to the station. How I wish Manila could build intelligently designed buildings like the ones they have in Jakarta. Sidewalks are also spacious and clean so walking was like a stroll at the park.
Of course Jakarta is similar to Metro Manila in so many ways. There are vendors even at overpasses of the BRT System.
Buying ticket is easy. Block M is at the end of this line so it was never confusing. I noticed that fare is really cheap, only 14,000 Rupiah ( 55 Pesos) for a distance 11 stations away. On second thought, that would be way too expensive if compared to taking the MRT in Manila. lol

Or maybe because we got used to the expensive becak rides in Yogyakarta that we felt like 14,000 Rupiah at that time was way cheaper. ^^
Transjakarta couches are good. Clean, airconditioned. Only a few seats though so most passengers have to be on standing position. Better than our trains here in Manila. I even thought for a while we were in a train in Malaysia until some bumpy portions of the road reminded me we were in a bus. Not really bumpy, twas smooth mostly all throughout the route except that some sections are reminiscent of a roller coaster track. Smooth but not really flat. 
Block M finally. The place is a business and shopping quarter located in  Kebayoran baru South Jakarta where Block M Square is located for some cheap shopping. Even the underground connector of the bus rapid system has a lot of shops for counterfeit items. Very recto or Quaipao in Manila. Block M mall on the other hand is very similar to that of Greenhills Shopping Mall in San Juan. A lot of nice fake clothes.

If we would have known earlier that there are bus trips from Block M to Jakarta International Airport, we should have checked out of the hotel and brought our things here.
Found these Superdry sleeveless shirts for only 35,000 Rupiah each. I don't know if that is cheap but definitely cheaper than the original ones of course. haha! 

My wife bought more scarfs.
Acen, the Indonesia blogger who I have been meaning to meet for quite sometime, a new friend who has helped me a lot planning for our Indonesia trip finally had time to see us. We agreed to meet in front of Carrefour, a grocery chain very famous in Indonesia. My wife Teresa and friend Rupert decided to but a few groceries while I waited for Acen and they ended up buying lots of local snacks and goods. Kung anu lang napulot kahit na yung mga snacks na di mo alam ang lasa. ^^
<a href=DSC_3704-2

Acen finally arrived and we moved to a nearby restaurant chain. We talked for more than an hour, about so many things, travel, Indonesian music, Jakartans, Yogyakarta, about some of the goods Rupert and Teresa bought including the favorite "Safe Care"aromatheraphy medicated oil. That while enjoying some native delicacies and noodles.

Twas nice to meet you finally Acen. It took me eternity to write about this but here it is. Hope to meet you again soon, hopefully, by that time, in the Philippines when you visit here. ^^

TransJakarta Complete Route Map >>here


--SIGNATURES RESTAURANT at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
--HOTEL INDONESIA Kempinski Jakarta
--Jakarta International Airport to KOTA STATION Central Jakarta by bus
--LITTLE YOKUZUNA at Food Louver Grand Indonesia


  1. Hahaha. I know Acen, but I've never met him, though.

    Yeah, you walked along one of Jakarta good neighborhood in business district, so it has spacious and clean pedestrian. Anyway, Rp 14.000,00? The BRT should cost only Rp 3.500,00 for a single trip, no matter how many stations you pass. Or maybe did you take the APTB bus instead of a Transjakarta bus?


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