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#foreversummer in CAPONES ISLAND Zambales

The last stop in this particular trip and something I always look forward to whenever we do the Anawangin-Nagsasa-Capones tour.

So what you do is you
1. start with Anawangin Cove
2. Hop to Nagsasa Cove and camp there overnight, then
3. Drop by Capones the next day

Visit the lighthouse, swim in the beach, then off you go to the mainland and back home in Manila.

So you start with the lighthouse first located at the Western end of the island of Capones. Going ashore is the challenge and actually the fun part as there is no port where boats can dock so what you do is that you have to walk through chest-deep water to reach ashore. The area is rocky and could get slippery so it is best to be careful. The good part is that water is really clear so you can see where you are stepping at. The challenge would be the waves as they could get rough especially during non-summer months that even boats find it hard to hold still and that the boats have to go far ashore while waiting for their passengers so as not to be crushed by the waves to the rocks.


Again, walking to the shore is also the fun part. Be careful with your gadgets though. Also, bring slippers, the climb up is hot and you wouldn't survive walking up with bare feet.Once up the the island, you will rewarded with a really good view. Walk through the kugon on the Western end of the island, look West and what you see is the infinite blue sea. Subrang asul, and the tip of the island resembles the familiar view of Batanes. Never been to Batanes pero feeling ko lagi nasa Batanes ako pag nasa side ako na to ng Capones.



Then OFF to the Lighthouse. Another few minutes hike up under the hot sun. A few minutes but it took like eterity. We were out of water by the time we arrived in the island so we were on survival mode hoping that somebody is selling cold water in the lighthouse, but nobody thought about it. Sa Mt. Pinatubo nga may nagtitinda ng cold Coa-Cola, why are people here in Zambales lazy? hahaha
And so the climb up the tower of the lighthouse also seemed so full of effort, especially with the waiting as many people were there that day and there are some instances wherein only one person at a time could fit. I noticed the presence of military personnel on duti (in uniform) even in the vicinity of the lighthouse. I wonder why. Maybe they are surveying the place for a possible military radar installation? Remember, the vast sea on the West is South China Sea otherwise known as West Philippine Sea where many disputed islands between us and China are located. Bajo de masloc is in Zambales too and Capones could be a good radar facility. 

Then it was time to hit the beach for a final dip before heading home. I really loooove Capones. I like it more than Nagsasa or Anawangin. There, I said it again. The ruggedness of it's cliff, the rough water on its Western shores, the shifting sand and the giant rock formations all add up to the beauty of this small island. Water is also crystal clear. I love swimming in Capones. A very good place for snorkeling too.
We left Capones after noon, right in time when the waves are staring to swell signaling the shift in sea current. We had a quick shower in Mang Johny's plaece then off we go to San Antonio's town proper for lunch and for the bus back to Manila. Another fun summer in Anawangin-Nagsasa and Capones. I will never grow tired of coming back. ^^

This was part of our
Anawangin-Nagsasa-Capones Island/Cove Hopping Weekend Trip last April
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PS: Thanks to Mang Johny and his wife Ms Peachy for being so nice. Sumugod kami sa Zambales na tent lang ang dala, the rest of utensils we borrowed from them, at napaka-asikaso ng mga bangkero nya. And best of all, nakiligo pa kami sa bahay nila after the tour before returning to Manila. If you are a small group, ayan di mahirap pakiusapan ang mag-asawa. They go out of their way to assist you. Please don't be abusive nalang ha. ^^

Planning a Trip to Anawangin Cove Zambales?
Hope this TRAVEL GUIDE I made a few years ago could help:
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Another piece of advice,
Make your trip easier by contacting Mang Johny of San Miguel


  1. How far is Capones from Nagsasa? We weren't able to visit this island last year on our trip to Zambales. Is it far from Pundaquit?

  2. Ian --yan yung isla na makikita mo from Pundaquit. The big one that is kasi me smaller one na mas malapit.Katapat lang ng Pundaquit. ^^


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