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DAMPALITAN BEACH Padre Burgos: A Good Compliment to Borawan-Puting Buhangin Island Hopping

Island Hopping Pagbilao and Padre Burgos Quezon? The area provides an alternative destination to those who want a quick break on an island setting. Borawan is the main attraction on the area but based on our experience (due to high expectations), Borawan might not be enough to convince you that the 6-hour trip from Manila is worth it.

Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas are a big help in that regard. They will make you like going here.

Dampalitan Island on the other hand, although for me the least beautiful of the three, is a good addition to the whole experience. Completes the puzzle kumbaga and once you visited all three, you might have a stronger urge to come back some other time.
Beach bumming DAMPALITAN BEACH Padre Burgos

Dampalitan was our last stop in this trip. It was noontime when we arrived from Puting Buhangin. Borawan Island Resort, where we camped for the night, is actually only 15 minutes away. The proximity provides a good background landscape when you are on the beach facing the sea.
This beach pales in comparison with Borawan and Puting Buhangin. It didn't excite me at all the moment we docked. And so it was more of a "okay, we still have time so let us try this place anyway" for me. The sand is not that fine although white so it looked like a barren place for me at first. Some compare it to Anawangin Cove for easy reference due to the presence of Pine Trees near the beach but mix of different trees and shrubs makes it look messy to me.
Quite a long stretch of white sand I may say. I heard sunset is good here but we didn't get to see that because we only stayed a few hours. One can easily notice a netted area at the center of the beach. An indicator that jellyfish also abound in the area so it is highly advised that one swims within the confines of the nets or be at risk of a painful jellyfish sting.Quite an eyesore if I may say. Something I am not used to seeing on a remote island beach like this one.
We took refuge under the trees by the beach against the blazing sun while eating halo-halo. Yeah, that's one thing good about the Dampalitan. Halo-Halo here is tastier and cheaper than that of Borawan. Also, entrance fee is cheaper, only 60 pesos, as compared to Borawan which is 80 pesos.

 Cottages are also cheaper. For 600 pesos, one can rent a big semi-closed cottage where you can stay overnight. No wonder why the island is famous among those who travel on a budget. Same with the other islands I mentioned in the island hopping tour bundle, pitching a tent still requires a pay of 200 pesos per tent. 
a cottage in Dampalitan Beach
Well, there is another thing we enjoyed other than the halo-halo, the other end of the beach was almost deserted (perhaps because it was noontime) so we managed to just lie on the sand and get more tanned. We knew it's gonna be our last chance to hit the beach before rainy season starts so we didn't wanna miss getting extra color. Tanning is something I didn't enjoy before that I appreciate lately. I am brown and it takes more effort to be whiter so i would rather stay brown. I realized lately that it looks better on me as tanned skin looks more healthy, more vibrant. Wala lang ^^

It was a short stay and the island didn't wow me but I did enjoy it even so. Dampalitan Beach was indeed a good compliment to our Padre Burgos-Pagbilao Island Hopping Experience.
BORAWAN ISLAND Padre Burgos: Love it, Hate it.

A quick Island Hopping Trip in Quezon Province over the weekend? If it is your first time, why not! It's an alternative experience, for others like me who have been there, I think not too soon. There are many other places nearby to discover. It seemd the "wow factor"I was looking for didn't pan out. ^^



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