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MYRNA's BAMBOO COTTAGES: A Compliment to the Ultimate Island-feel Experience that is Camiguin

Another local destination on my bucket list ticked off. A few more major ones left including Batanes and Siargao. I thought Camiguin is not an easy one but I was wrong. One can fly directly to the island from Manila or via Cagayan de Oro. We went for the latter. Camiguin didn't disappoint. It was more than I anticipated it to be. Made me write a couple of blogs about the attractions as follows;
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And here is the last one to the series. The place where we stayed. It is worth mentioning because it really contributed much to the overall pleasant experience in Camiguin where we stayed three days two nights.

Myrna's Bamboo Cottages was not on our top choice but some accommodations were really a bit expensive for our budget because it was the onset of peak season when we visited. And since we were here for an authentic Island experience so why not stay in a place that compliments that island-feel experience we were looking for.


It doesn't look very appealing from booking sites, at least with the pictures but it is a feel-good place.Don't be confused with the big mansion in the compound, that is the owner's house. The ones for rent are the cottages next to it.

It started with two huts originally built for Ms. Myrna's son to an American husband when they vacation in the Philippines. Whenever there is a overflow at the Inn next their property, they request Ms Myrna to accommodate their guests. That's when the owner thought of adding more huts and open her place for tourists looking for hut accommodation not so much for the money but for the fun of it.

And that I sincerely sensed. Ms Myrna (a retired nurse in the US) happened to be there during our stay and she spent several occasions taking time to chat with us. I couldn't sense any boastfulness in her despite her success in life. What I saw is an old woman thankful and content in life. The cottages serve as her way to keep busy.

She even took the time give us a visit ans bring first aid medicine for our friend who was bitten by an unknown insect. Such authentic concern for her guests when in fact she can comfortably stay in her mansion instead.

To date, there are six cottages with different sizes. The hut where we stayed is a single room with two beds and can accommodate 3 pax max. Our friends stayed in another hut that houses two rooms and therefore 4 pax max. Only standard double fan and starndard triple fans rooms are available. 

Myrna's Bamboo Cottages is
6 of 16 Specialty Lodging in Mambajao in Tripadvisor.
Here's he Unoffcial Faceook Page: 

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What I like about it is the authentic island experience, all native materials except for the bathroom with tiles and concrete walls. Although creaky, (as normal of bamboo floors) the open spaces allows for the air to circulate inside. A fan makes sure enough ventilation is maintained inside. A mosquito on each bed make sure mosquito are kept away.

The property is next to the sea. Ans though there is not beach to compliment, the view of the blue sea and the sound of the waves at night is music to the ears.

Myrna's Bamboo Cottages is a few meter away from the main road but going around the place and taking our tours was no problem thanks to Teddy and his tours hatid sundo kami lagi, so everything was easy.He has a few multi cabs for hire and travel packages suit for your budget and schedule. He is very diligent in checking his email and replying to text messages so streamlining our tour based on our time availability was so easy.

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