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Filipino Food Overload at THREE SISTERS' RESTAURANT Pasig

Located along the East Capitol Drive in Brgy. Kapitolyo, Three Sisters' Restaurant was established back in 1941. People would visit Three Sisters' Refreshment Parlor for their halo-halo and noodle dishes.

With over 70 years of existence, they are still serving hearty Filipino dishes from the founder, Lola Rosa's original recipes. With such a long history in the restaurant industry and a list of mouthwatering foods-to-try on their menu, Three Sisters’ is one of the suggested place to try in Kapitolyo.

Having read the reviews online, I was excited to try their bestsellers and forget about what diet is.

Pancit Bihon at Three Sisters' Restaurant Pasig

What's With The Name?
Blogger Rochelle Rivera beautifully narrated it.

The name Three Sisters', was derived from the radio jingle of a famous brand of talcum powder that Lola Rosa loved. Lola Rosa Francisco, a mother of five, first opened a small panciteria at Poblacion in downtown Pasig on November of 1941. Lola Rosa named it Three Sisters' Refreshment Parlor.

After a month of operation, WWII broke out and her family fled to Antipolo for shelter and safety. After the height of the war, they came back to Pasig, and to their surprise, they came back for nothing. Their house and little luncheonette were burnt down. But, this did not stop Lola Rosa from pursuing her passion for cooking. Driven by her optimism, she rebuilt and reopened Three Sisters'.

During the 70's, Lola Rosa's little luncheonette moved to its present site in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Since then, it became a full service restaurant now called, Three Sisters' Restaurant of Pasig. -

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Since I work in the hospitality field, my customers usually ask me for suggestions on where to find good Filipino food. Three Sisters' Restaurant Pasig is a place I can easily recommend to them.

If I were to name my top three choices, it would be their Pork BBQ, Pancit Bihon and Cripy Pata.

Their “must-try” Pork BBQ is one of their bestseller. The pork was marinated with their homemade secret sweet sauce. It is tender and juicy and doesn’t have a lot of fat, compared to our usual Pinoy Pork BBQ. With a price of PHP48 each piece, this is a thrift way to experience the cliché definition of “heaven”. You would definitely beg for more.

DSC_9670 (1)
Pancit Bihon is also one of the popular on their list. Topped with cabbage, carrots and pork chicharon, you can’t deny that that sounds exciting. Personally, I am not a fan of Pancit, but Three Sister’s Pancit Bihon made me had my second plate.

Cripsy Pata, served with Kare Kare’s vegetable and paste is one of the best I had that time. Just the word itself, Crispy Pata and Kare Kare, I think I no longer need to further explain why. If you were to blame the dish for another round of rice, it would definitely their Crispy Pata.
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What Are Other Bloggers Saying?
Blogger John of has this to say,

Mind you, the prices here are unbelievably affordable. They're not high end, but they can beat those pricey ones in flavor. Make sure you bring your friends and family especially if they miss Mom's cooking. Three Sisters Restaurant presents a worthy alternative to those you prepare at home, and they do it quite well too. They also have a branch in C5 corner Oritgas Avenue but I strongly suggest you go to Kapitolyo as it's more homey and no fuss. Call them for reservations, or if you would like to order in bulk/cater at (02)631-9247. They do all that!



Three Sister's Restaurant is located at
136 West Capitol Dr. Brgy. Kapitolyo, 1603 Pasig
Hours: Mon - Sun:  10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Phone: (02) 631-9247 (Kapitolyo, Pasig); (02) 510-7147 (Tiendesitas)


During the time we were there, the place was crowded and families were excited to have their lunch at the restaurant.

The good news was their new location opened already last 15 July. With an Alfresco area and a 2nd floor which can also cater for your events or parties, this Filipino Restaurant will surely continue their legacy as one of the best in the Kapitolyo area. 

Text and photos by:
Krizelle Marie Pari-An
Krizelle is a young professional working in the hospitality/hotel/travel sector and often serves as a correspondent of She is also a budding photographer. She loves events and socializing with people. Read Krizelle's other correspondent work on this blog here.