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HAROLDS HOTEL: Luxury Without Breaking Your Wallet

Though my visit to Cebu City two weeks ago was not for business but purely for leisure, I still wanted my clothes well pressed when meeting local friends. Seeing an ironing board beautifully fixed in my room closet was such a view and it really made exclaim "yes!, yes!" accompanied by a body gesture as if I won a lottery. And then there's the bath tub at the restroom that added an extra grin on my lips. The spacious room allowed for enough breathing space not just for the weary body after the 5-hour flight delay back in NAIA that day. The soft bed very inviting, the intimate lighting very calming and the beautiful mountain view from the room, I knew it was going to be another amazing trip. Harold's Hotel Cebu is truly a businessman's hotel that leisure travelers will also find enticing.


The lobby is pretty small but spotless and with class. The staff very friendly and the receptionists quick and efficient on the job. They speak good English and they always have a smile on their face. We were so tired and being greeted warmly with cold welcome drinks was really soothing. One of the most delicious welcome drinks I tried if I could say, unlike others where they just give you a drink masabi lang na me welcome drinks.


Luxury without Breaking Your Wallet

I was surprised at how cheap city hotels are in Cebu given their star ratings. Perhaps because of heavy competition? This is a complete contrast in the not-so-good accommodations in Moalboal or Kawasan Falls which offer same rates, sometimes even more expensive. Harold's Hotel is one good example. I can't believe you can book a place this good for as low as 2,200php on a weekend via . That's a deal!

I love snooping at hotel websites and Harold's Hotel got me all pumped up to go back to Cebu for the nth time. Harold's Cebu exudes luxury, freshness and comfort. If I am to compare it to a furniture it would be a high-end, new sofa. A true businessman's hotel.


Breakfast Buffet

So we were so drunk the night before after checking a cheap pub in Colon Street and then transfered to a more high-end place in Mango Avenue. Alcology? If I remember it right. The place is crazy and we were so into the party that I went beyond my alcohol limit. Got back at the hotel 4:00 am. We were supposed to check out 9:00 am to leave for Moalboal but that's the only time we woke up.


Despite running late, we didn't want to skip breakfast. Of course I wanna try Harolds Hotel's breakfast buffet. Yes, breakfast buffets are something I always look forward to during hotel stays. Harolds got me on their breakfast offering. Good food, diverse choices. I didn't bother eating a lot even if it means looking bloated when I hit the beach. My favorites, the toast, omelet and glazed ham among many others. H-Café is at the ground floor and serves local and international cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Highlands Lounge
Though they don't have a pool, Highlands Lounge at the roof deck could easily compensate for it. Not only that you get a great view of the city from here, Highlands is an intimate place where you want to be seen. I love the dim lights at night. It really gives the place a special appeal. It has class and therefore attracts the crowd suited for the place. You have the option to dine outdoor and indoor. Outdoor if you want to chill and indoor if you want it a bit more private and intimate. The outdoor section I love because of the relaxed vibe and the indoor for its sophistication.


Visit the Highlights Lounge at the roof deck and savor top-of-the-line Asian Fusion cuisines. Enjoy live music and unwind with a drink uniquely concocted for the free-spirited. Relaxing music and a view of the city after dusk make Highlights the perfect place to be after a long day.

Sundays - Thursdays: 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 m.n.
Fridays - Saturdays: 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Musical entertainment available on selected days. 
(Mostly Friday nights and Saturday nights)

And they have a gym and a convention center too. Too bad we were not able to use the gym as we had to leave for Moalboal the earliest the next day.


No wonder why despite so many heavy Big Names in Cebu City for accommodation, Harolds Hotel ranks #4 on Tripadvisor!

Hotel Style: #2 Spa Hotel in Cebu City
#4 Business Hotel in Cebu City
#5 Romantic Hotel in Cebu City
#7 Family Hotel in Cebu City


Located in Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City, HAROLDS HOTEL indeed offers a vantage point to guests with business or leisure reasons in the city. Situated in the uptown area of Cebu City, about 30 minutes away from Mactan International Airport, Harolds Hotel is only ten minutes away from financial districts, government offices, universities and colleges, and major shopping centers.

Harolds Hotel Cebu punches above its weight. Satisfied costumers are the proof. I regret that our schedule in this particular Cebu trip was very tight that we didn't get to fully maximize our check-in and checkout allowance with the Hotel. Despite the short stay, this place for me is indeed Luxury Without Breaking Your Wallet.

HAROLD'S HOTEL is located at
Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City
Tel.: 63.32.505.7777 Fax.: 63.32.505.9888


  1. After hotel booking websites I will get this wonderful and all the lovely people who work there. It’s a wonderful place to explore Laugh Gill which has a lot of hidden beauties to come across and then Strand hill and so many other places to discover. Thank you Jeremiah and all for looking after us all so well and making our trip so special.


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