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Mt. PAMITINAN Fun Climb: Amazing View from Buwis Buhay Rock #Rodriguez #Rizal

Hiking mountains has never been this popular in the Philippines. I am not just referring to traditional favorites like Mt. Pulag, Mt. Maculot or Mt. Batulao. Despite so many additions in the rank of beautiful summits like Pico De Loro, Mt. Ulap, Mt. Tarak everywhere you go there are lots of people and therefore heavy traffic to the summit. Metro Manila residents in particular are going crazy over it and the mountains of Rizal are not spared.

Yes, on the Eastern section of Metro Manila is Rizal Province, home to lots of summits thanks to the Southern edge of The Siera Madre Mountain Range which extends as far as Aurora on the North.
Mt. Binacayan as seen from Mt. Pamitinan
Mt. Pamitinan, Hapunang Banoy and Mt. Binacayan in Rodriguez Rizal are among the favorites due to their proximity and easy trails. I was with a new group in January this year to hike Mt. Pamitinan, something that I done out of my desire to re-ignite my interest (not love, love is too big of a word) in hiking mountains.

There were supposed to be around eight of us originally, but only four showed up. A small group but big enough for a fun hike and overnight camping.
Pamitinan is an easy hike they say but I find it hard because it was mostly ascend. Even going down was very painful on the lower legs. It helped that there were two resting areas setup with bamboo seats. The 2nd stop in particular which serves as a crossing between the peaks of Hapunang Banoy and Pamitinan is a favorite. We rested here a few minutes enjoying fresh buko juice.
From this point one has to go through two sections where you have to use both hands and feet to climb up rocks 8o degrees of rock. Still pretty easy though.There are two interesting viewpoints between the 2nd rest stop and the peak. Very good fro taking photos.
After here, the trek is easy. You will go through a section with Chinese bamboos which makes the path shady and pleasant on the eyes. We even spotted a panda eating bamboo leaves. Kidding! That's one of our buddies playing with bamboo leaves. ^^
THE PEAK and Buwis Buhay Rock
We arrived at the peak in time for sunset. Glad we came earlier because we still had to wait for our turn for a photo opt at the protruding giant rock they call "Buwis-buhay Rock" for an uninterrupted view of the surrounding mountains.
It feels a little awkward because from afar you can notice the expansion of residential developments in Rizal. Our guide even mentioned the mass housing that Erap put up a few years ago. So you get the feel that the place is not so remote after all. Even weird is that from here we could here the videoke sounds from below. Even so, Mt. Pamitinan's Peak offers a lovely view. The civilization below seems to melt from the horizon and all you care for is the wonderful nature around.
Mt. PAMITINAN Buwis Buhay Rock with
Richard and
Justelle @thejuanderboy (IG)
Mikoy @NomadicMike (Fb)

I still consider Mt. Pamitinan an easy hike. The difficulty and leg pains I experienced I blame more on old age. It was a fun hike. I met four new peeps for the first time.

And from the start I knew it was a click. Chill chill lang. We camped near the river and the rest was history.


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