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Best 10 Places to Visit in Guangzhou

Guangzhou (the capital of Guangdong Province) is the prosperous centre of Southern China and one of three the largest cities in the country. It lies on the banks of the Pearl River a short distance away from such metropolises as Hong Kong and Macau. Meet our top 10 must-see attractions of Guangzhou!

1. Huacheng Square

Indeed, this is the heart of modern Guangzhou life. Surrounded with nice plantings, the square includes such important buildings as Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Opera House, several city towers, Haixinsha Asian Games Park, and the Mall of the World – a large underground shopping mall. From here, you will easily get to the Pearl River.

2. Canton Tower

Also known as Guangzhou Tower, this 600-meter-in-height construction is the highest TV tower in the country and one of the highest in the world. The tower is open to the public: it contains numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment zones; in addition, visitors may take a look at the city from the top platform.

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IMG_9490 Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China.
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3. Pearl River

This is the third longest river in China: it stretches for 2 000 km and flows into the South Sea. In the past, people called it the Pearl Sea because of the river’s rocky bottom of white and smooth stones shining in the sunlight. Today, its banks are connected by ten bridges and the riverbed is surrounded by museums, shopping malls, and hotels, and the Scenery Corridor, where you can observe the mesmerizing landscape.

4. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Wanna see the Notre Dame of East Asian? This sight of this Gothic church really enchants. Entirely made of granite, the Cathedral is one of the most remarkable Roman Catholic architectural monuments.

5. Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family

This magnificent architectural complex used to be a place where members of the Chen family both studied and sacrificed to their ancestors. Nowadays, it is known as Guangdong Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts.

6. Yuexiu Park

This is actually the biggest ecological zone in the downtown. The park is great for walking and relaxation as it covers over 860 thousand m². It accommodates some famous landmarks: The Five-Ram Sculpture and Guangzhou Museum. The museum encompasses Zhenhai Tower, where historical relics are exhibited, and The Art Gallery presenting unique pieces of Chinese art.

7. Shamian Island

This sandy area was once an important trading centre of the city. In the 19thcentury, the island was divided between the United Kingdom and France and built up with avenues, political and commercial offices, churches, and schools. Many of those constructions represent different architectural styles.

8. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Built in traditional Chinese style, the hall is dedicated to renowned Sun Yat-sen who co-founded the Kuomintang and headed Chinese democratic revolution at the dawn of the 20th century. This is a true piece of art showing gorgeous frontage and sophisticated interior design.

9. Guangzhou Chimelong Holiday Resort

This is a fascinating tourist area which hosts numerous attractions: Chimelong Paradise – a high-class amusement park, the Golf Center, the International Circus, as well as three other parks (the Safari Park, the Birds Park, and the Water Park).

10. White Cloud Mountain

Also regarded as Baiyun Mountain, this is actually a mountain range interspersed with gardens and parks. This place is one of the most spectacular natural landmarks of China. Having about 100 meters in height, the mountains offer a beautiful look at Guangzhou and the Pearl River. It is definitely worth visiting.

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