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VISTA TALA RESORT and Recreational Park: The Envy of Many Resorts in the Philippines for Years to Come! #Orani #Bataan

Infinity pools with the view of the sea, the beach or islands is so common. Not that I don't love them but to find an infinity pool facing a mountain declared as natural park with lush vegetation of original forest cover is something else. That makes Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park in Orani Bataan exceptional and puts it on a league of its own. I discovered this place via social media and immediately tried it a few weeks ago. Tried another resort on the other side of Bataan that same week and our stay at Vista Tala Resort made for another awesome weekend.

How to Get to Vista Tala Resort 
1. Bus (Victory Liner or Genisis) bound Balanga or Mariveles Bataan. 
2. Tell driver ro drop you in Orani town before Balanga City or if the bus passes through the highway and not the main town of Orani drop by the intersection to Orani town. Look for the Petron gas station on your left. That's the marker. 
3. From the intersection, ride the tricycle to Brgy. Tala where the resort is located. That is towards the direction of the mountain on your right. It's a good 10 km distance from the highway but the road is concrete all the way to the resort.

Note: There is an option to avail of the Resort's shuttle service for 600 pesos per way.

For Private vehicles, 
still the same way. 
1. Take NLEX 
2. Exit San Fernando 
3. Turn right at the intersection to Orani Town 
4. Take the opposite direction towards Brgy. Tala. 
The resort is located at the end of that road.

Tagaytay-like Weather
The first thing you notice is the weather, it is very similar to that of Tagaytay. I love it! Thanks to the elevation and the lush vegetation around it. We went around the resort at night and it was quiet and fog added to that mountain-weather feel like what you get when you are in Baguio. The resort is sprawling so be ready to walk the stretch of it especially if your room is located near the gate as ours was.

So you have an idea what I mean by "sprawling" , here is an aerial view of the resort I took the liberty of getting from their Facebook page.


The slope is not that steep so it makes for a good workout. And with this kind of setting, there is definitely no need to hurry and with a view this good, you will definitely enjoy strolling around. For the oldies, worry not as they have two (2) golf carts to transport those who find walking to their rooms quite challenging.

The five (5) room types at Vista Tala Resort means they can cater to a whole-range of guests. So whether you want to keep it on the budget or splurge, there is an accommodation fit for you.
All rooms facing the mountain so everyone get's to enjoy the same visual treat.

1. Nipa Hut 
2. Row House 
3. Barkada Room 
4. Standard Villa and
5. Villa with Jacuzzi

We stayed at the lower part of the resort near the guard house/ gate. This is where Nipa Hut accommodations are located at. It's a section in itself as there is a small pool and dining area in this part of the resort.

Nipa Hut Rooms
Our Nipa Hut was a welcome change from the usual resort or hotel accommodations you get. View from our room window was amazing. Twas quite small but what else can you ask for for a cliffside accommodation with an awesome view as this one.

Below this section is the trail to the river below. I was told that the resort offers free hike to the river in the morning. Yes, you get a guide for free. That's around 700 steps down which means 1,400 or so steps back and forth. Too bad we were to leave early the next day so going to the river will have to wait on our next visit.

Nipa Hut rooms with the trail to river below

The Resort has indeed positioned itself as a destination for families and couples, and for the barkada too! Or maybe a bigger group like company outings. They have two (2) Dormitory rooms, the largest Barkada Room I have seen to date --25 pax capacity --without sacrificing space. It is complete with toiletries for all, cable tv and a dining table. And a balcony too for that perfect chill with your tropa.
The Infinity Pool
And I say it over and over again, the infinity pool at Vista Tala Resort is really envious. It is the centerpiece of the resort where all positive energy seem to converge. There are three pools next to each other. The upper pool is the smaller one but is deeper at around 6 feet. We enjoyed swimming here in the morning. That other pool below it is a bit bigger. Next to it is the kiddie pool. Around the pool area are huts and loungers and a wide lawn so the area is breathable. It's not just about the pool but of course the view. As I said, to have a view of a natural park with forest cover that is as old as generations is something you will not easily find.

A View for that Instagram-worthy Shot!
It's pretty rare that you don't get irritated when somebody robs you of your "hey-look-I-own-this-place" spot. I was not done with my moment and when I checked my snap with my friend somebody was already in my location. But it was fun looking at "ate" because she really gave her all for that "instagram-worthy shot". Yung tipong gagawin mo lahat. I enjoyed taking pictures of her instead. Aliw!

Vista Tala Restaurant
OPEN: Mon-Sun
7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Food is a very important component of a hotel or resort, not only because F&B is has a strong money-earning potential but more so because it could either boost or break a resort's overall reputation. I heard there have been a few feedback about the food at Vista Tala Resort so the new management is really focused on beefing up their selection. I heard the new manager has an extensive experience in international cruise as well as in the local food scene so we expect exciting changes to happen. So far we have sampled a few of their food choices and some notable food on the menu like the chicken wings and pasta which we enjoyed a lot for dinner.

For breakfast, they serve silog which they took to a different level in terms of food presentation and taste. The weather was a lot better in the morning so we got to enjoy dining at the al fresco section of the resort's restaurant. This experience I will always cherish for years to come.
The resort has been opened to the public for 9 months now but they still consider it on soft opening as one can notice major construction still ongoing beyond the pool area. Soon to come are more events venue and a zipline which will surely be a major draw for events and recreational activities. Thus the addition of 'Recreational Park" in the name.

I am always in awe how they came up with such property. The people behind it are a genius. Such a refreshing change of location to the weary city dwellers like us.
The zipline spanning the entire length of the resort1-GOPR8602

A fitness gym, videoke rooms and games center are on the works too!

They still have to work on a few minor details like planting some dull spaces but the facilities and amenities here are top-of-the-line.

On Tripadvisor, I have high standard for giving 5-stars for hotels and accommodations but I am giving Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park 5 stars for the huge potential it has and for the amazing view that will surely be the envy of many resorts in the Philippines for years to come!

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VISTA TALA RESORT and Recreational Park is located at:
Brgy. Tala, Orani Bataan, 2112 Orani, Bataan
Phone: +639175699479; +63999904680


  1. That resort rocks! Loved my stay there especially after a whole day of hiking to Pasukulan Falls.


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