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How to Avoid Dating and Traveling Scam: 9 Tips

Our life changes daily. As a rule, modern people have unrestricted access to the Internet so no wonder new and new users want to explore online dating. It is fast and easy – but is it safe? Since hundreds of sites and apps appear every year, it’s quite hard to control who comes there. Dating and traveling scam is a huge problem of the contemporary era – gang bands feel free to use services and gain from their clients’ wealth. So we prepared 9 essential rules you’d better follow in order to protect yourself. Find out how to minimize the risk of being scammed with jump 4 love scam.

1. Choose a reliable dating site

With the modern boost of online dating services, this is the very first thing to do. If you decide to find a decent partner on the Internet, do a search prior to registering at any of them. Note that major dating sites designed by verified tech companies watch out who signs up and provide anti-scam support.

2. Don’t share personal information

Your online dating profile should contain only information your prospective match might need to get the basic impression. They don’t really need your personal phone number, home address, or email. Respectable services give the full range of opportunities to communicate without sharing these details.


3. Protect your social media

If you go to online dating resources, you aren’t probably new to the Internet and have accounts on other websites. Yes, some dating services – including major ones – require you to link your Facebook account. Keep an eye on what information you post on social networking sites and use different profile pictures so scammers won’t steal your image.

4. Don’t be too personal

Online chatters with attractive strangers are fun and alluring but you should always keep your feet on the ground. Scammers create fake profiles and use verbal techniques to fool their victims – that’s what we call communicative mystification. Get to know your friend gradually and stay sober.

5. Check out grammar

Fraudsters are typically citizens of non-native English-speaking countries. Of course, this is not a crime if someone doesn’t speak English fluently but if you notice your match constantly makes grammar and spelling mistakes, this is a factor to consider. Just take it into an account and be careful.

6. Verify the image

An image search is a completely normal procedure today – you don’t need to be an advanced programmer or a detective. Gang members steal photos of attractive men and women on the Internet and add them to dating profiles. In particular, that’s why we recommend you using a specific photo for online dating.

7. Be attentive

With the purpose to win your trust, fraudsters may tell heartbreaking stories about their problems or describe themselves as very successful and rich people. Don’t take their phrases too close to your heart and think critically. Online dating sites are aimed at connecting lonely hearts, not at solving problems with money or real estate.

8. Don’t agree to send money and gifts

If your companion pushes you to disclose personal information, pay for her/his mobile bills, or send any gifts, this is certainly a red flag. Besides, scammers often promise their foreign partners to come and request financial help to cover their travel expenses.

9. Use different means of communication

Online dating services offer a plenty of options: message exchange, photo and video presentations live video chats, romance tours etc. Don’t just talk in written, invite your match to talk in some other way. If she/he refuses, you should get suspicious.


  1. Parang mahirap makipag sapalalaran sa online dating na yan... anyways, baka sakalai magamit ko ang mga pointers mo :)

    Salamat :D

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