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Jenny Craig Diet Review. Does it Work?

There are many promising words and statements on Jenny Craig website. Let’s see how does this diet program works. In fact, there are dozens of different diets promising the best ways to get a better health and lose the weight. It is obviously not easy to select the best one for yourself.


Jenny Craig is a announced diet program that includes information support, consultations, and pre-packed foods. It includes consultations and instructions how to achieve the main purpose of the weight loss remaining the perfect health condition.

Following the program, it is promised as a guarantee to lose 2 pounds of weight in a week. Many diets simply control daily consuming calories. Depending on the age, weight, and gender, the healthy man or woman should consume between from 1,200 to 2,200 calories every day day. After scrutinized study of this subject, the diet experts came to the conclusion, that the program of 18Shake diet is more efficient.

Read reviews about weight loss shakes on site presumes food ingredients that reduce the appetite and burn fats. The special program is also offered for people with both two types of diabetes. The good combination of these ingredients allows achieving the main purpose of the weight loss without an addition of preservatives and excipients. Here is more information about 18 Shake diet.



There are some food ingredients used for the pre-packed food.

Corn Syrup is made of the corn, which is used as a natural sweetener for food. Many sweeteners can be the cause of the obesity when consuming it too much. In addition, it may have a bad effect, resulting in heart and liver diseases, teeth caries, cancer, and so on. Mainly, this ingredient is only used to give a sweet taste for food, and it has no nutritious, neither diet effect. Corn syrup is the very common sweetener because it is cheap and natural.

Carrageenan is a not expensive ingredient, taken from the red edible seaweed. It is ordinarily used for thickening and binding effect in processed foods. Scientists conclude that this ingredient may enhance the risk of inflammation, diabetes, and even cancer.

Guar Gum is an extract from the guar or cluster beans. It is used as a cheap additive for thickening and binding purposes, which may have a purgative effect. The side effects of the guar gum can be indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, and gasses.

Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein is the source of gluten, a mixture of two types of proteins, added to food for a specific taste. Modified Food Starch is an additive, produced chemically from of starch, generally used for viscous effect and making the desired texture.

The full program contains over 100 different kinds of low calories foods. All information is available on the Internet. Every interested person can be advised and consulted by phone or by e-mail. There are 5 different menus to select upon the individual taste. No need to worry about calculating calories in this kind of food.

It is announced, that the effect of this food is faster up to 3 times to compare with the individual choice of food. The studies of this diet effects, conducted clinically, gave the following results:

For the period of 12 months, the loss in weight was about 5%. Thus, a person with the weight of 200 pounds could lose up to 10 pounds of his weight for 12 months. Well, all other kinds of diets, based on limitations of consumed calories will make not worse results.



The stated cheap ingredients are potentially dangerous for obesity and may have other poor consequences. These additives are only used in the food industry as substitutions for more useful ingredients in order to stabilize and preserve the food longer. These kinds of additives are often used in the processed food production. This fact makes the Jenny Craig pre-packed food much less healthy. It doesn’t matter which of these 5 types of menus to choose, the food contains the processed and potentially harmful ingredients.

It’s also unknown whether the advisers of Jenny Craig have any education and experience in diets and nutrition. It is mentioned on Jenny Craig website that all advisers are former participants of this program. It is doubtful that they all would be certified experts for making consultations in this field.


We found on the website the enrollment fee of $99 and an additional charge of $19.99 for a weekly consultation. It makes $99 + $79.96 = $178.96 in 4 weeks. The pre-packed menu costs from $15 to $23 depending on the meals.

In the “Customer Opinions of Jenny Craig”, there is an option of the enrollment plan to fill out. Ordinary, the credit cards of clients are charged automatically without prior notice this way.

Based on the poor quality of ingredients and the high prices, This program does not seem to be a good healthy program helping to lose weight.

This is our expert’s conclusion:“The program is overpriced. The food with cheap ingredients can’t be sold at an expensive price. To add the enrollment fee and consultations, hardly every customer can afford it.”

The high prices for enrollments and consultations, combined with the high price of the cheap food prevent us to considering this program as a good diet plan. This is the way to spend a lot of money for food, containing usual ingredients for the heavily processed food industry.


The company name is Jenny Craig, Inc. The office is in Carlsbad, California. Website:

We found 17 complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website about this company. People are complaining about the bad work of the customer service of this company, for hidden fees, charged without prior notice. It is stated that it is hard to get in touch with somebody for problem solutions. Some people wanted to get back their money, but they can’t.


Here are some extracts from users’ complaints:

“I am not sure about how highly processed this food is and how much sodium is there…”

“After this diet, I had the worst blood sugar point...”

“I am shocked by their prices…”

“Their business is a fraud! I lost more than $700 for nothing!”

Many people were dealing with Jenny Craig company. People are not happy. They say that it doesn’t worth the ordered money, and the quality of the food is bad. There are constant problems with the customer service of this company. Some people who got the pre-packed foods were not able to eat it because it looked bad.

Some issues were based on the nutrition facts. The people worried that the offered pre-packed food have a high amount of cheap processed ingredients. For those who understand what is this food made of, it would be better to find the similar food much cheaper.


Jenny Craig promotes pre-packed food menus with low calories. Also, Jenny Craig advises how to follow this diet to obtain the main goal – the loss of the weight. If the limitation of calories matters for the weight loss, it can’t be expensive. A lot of customers point out that they would not follow this plan anymore because there are many hidden fees, charged automatically. People are also unsatisfied with the quality of supplied food: bad look and smell, big amount of artificial components, and so on. The common opinion is that this kind of diet is not for long-time use because the constant consummation of cheap artificial ingredients is harmful to the health.

According to the opinion of many experts, 18Shake diet is the best solution for the healthy weight loss. The food of the 18Shake diet has a good appearance and smell, the high-calories components are replaced by low-calories, and it has an effect of the fat burning. Customers are satisfied by this diet effectiveness, the company way of doing business. They state that the offered by 18Shake diet components are easily mixing and kill the appetite for several hours. One of the important advantages of this diet relies on the increasing metabolism. The fats are burning out without the use of both stimulants or artificial additives.

The 18Shake Diet program guarantees the easy money back in 30-days period without additional questions and delays.