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C-Boutique Hotel Baguio: Bad Choice!

"A nice hotel with bad service 
is like having a good-looking boyfriend/girlfriend who sucks." --anton

Warning: Don't be deceived by the nice photos. I am just good at it. Or say the hotel is photogenic too but a place is just a place. In the end, it's the people who runs it.

This is the same review I posted on my Tripadvisor account where I am a senior reviewer. I rarely say bad things about a hotel unless I really didn't like the experience. My reviews pointed to the main points --- too pricey, bad location and poor service. Most bad reviews on Tripadvisor all point to the same factors. No wonder why C Boutique Hotel only ranks #25 of Bed and Breakfast accommodations in Baguio City. Read  reviews>>> here


Too Pricey
So-so Rooms
It was a wrong choice staying here Dec 32- Jan 1, 2017 to spend New Year in Baguio. To be fair, the hotel holds to its name as a boutique hotel. Decent place, clean, well maintained but I find it too expensive for 3,500 pesos. I would put its fair value at 2,500 pesos as it is the typical type you can find in the Metro. If you are in Baguio with your whole family and set of friends and wants to achieve peace then this is the place to go but again with no amenities to boost of don't pay above 3,000 pesos just to get a typical-looking room. To think Baguio hotels don't pay for airconditioning. 3,500 php is too much. And then the bed was not so soft. Walang wala sa 5-star bed ng Tune Hotel/ Red Planet hotel which you can have for as low as 1,800php. Power shower is good. Heated water works well except that the shower drain clogged after 2nd use. Muntik nang bumaha sa restroom.

that's all for the bed


Not-So-Good Location
But I had no choice because I decided to spend New Year in Baguio late so I was left with only C-Boutique. Imagine that it has the same value with Microtel and take note, Microtel is located downtown next to Victory Bus station while C-Boutique is way up North near Mines View and not on the main street if I may say so. Transportation going here is difficult late at night. Make sure you have a car if you stay here.  I had to walk from Wright Park going up for minutes because I couldn't find taxi on New Year's eve. The area is also dead at night away from shops and attractions.


Small Garden 

You Cannot Use Sometimes
I like the garden on its side. I stayed here a couple of times to meditate but I remember I was told to vacate it New Year's Eve coz a family reserved it for bonfire. Too small to accommodate others in this situation. I was left with no choice but to watch tv in my room because as I said there is nothing to do in the area.


Poor Hospitality
( As Cold as Baguio Weather)
The staff, they did nothing wrong to me and I also don't like nosy staff but theirs at C-Boutique have hospitality as cold as Baguio weather. They never talk to you unless you talk yo them first. I never saw the one one at the front desk smile. When you talk to him he has this air of pride bordering to arrogance so that you can feel intimidated if you have weak personality. Other that, I hardly felt the presence of the staff. Maybe because it was the day of new year's eve and people are busy with their thoughts of going home? Not even a single staff greeted me Happy New Year on January one. Not that I want to be "pa-espesyal" but the point is that that mood here is always like an ordinary day. What more if there is no special occasion. Imagine how dead the place can be.

I asked if they have paper bag upon checkout as ai accumulated extra stuff but they don't have any. I was given a thin, transparent plastic instead. That's where I put my extra clothes and I was carrying that around the place as if I just received my laundry from a laundry shop. So you pay 3,500 pesos and they don't even have paper bag. How sad.

As I said, I had no choice but to make the most of my stay but still I would say it was wrong choice. I will make sure I will book early this year so that I won't have to settle for a place like this. So book early if you are planning to stay in Baguio City especially during new year's eve or else you will be left with no option but to stay in a pricey place like C-Boutique hotel that is not deserving at all. Stay away from this hotel. It's a bad choice!