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Ice Ñ Cream : Scooping Starts April 16 @NovotelManilaAC

I always feel hesitant whenever I hear "in-house ice cream". Or shall I say skeptical is the better word. It's just that there are many ice cream shops out there that are "try-hards" when it comes to this favorite summer refreshment and in most cases they fail. So I came to Novotel Manila Araneta Center with "reservations" and a "wait-and-see" attitude. But after trying almost all of the 18 flavors they have at the newly opened section of Novotel Manila Araneta Center, -- Ice Ñ Cream --I was convinced that it can give expensive commercial brands a run for their money. And I say this because it left me with not just one, not just two but many favorites. That I will mention in detail later. Read on.

Like me, I am sure you will find your favorites among the 18 flavors categorized into 5 -- Classic, Philippine Flavors, Sorbets, Alcoholic and Sugar-Free for those who are health conscious.


Oui Vanilla! ( Vanilla) 
 Real vanilla bean infused in smooth custard 
Wake Me Up Before You Go-go! ( Caffe Latte)
 2 Rich notes of coffee with real coffee bean crunc 
Choco Goes Nuts ( Choco Peanut) 
  Premium Belgian chocolate matched with roasted peanuts 
It Match-A Been Love ( Matcha) 
 Deep yet delicate Japanese matcha essence coupled with rich cream.



Philippine Flavors 

Purple Dream ( Ube and Langka) 
Smooth yam elevated with slivers of Philippine Jackfruit 
Green with Envy ( Avocado) 
 The richness of avocado perfectly balanced with Belgian chocolate chips. 
Smell Me, Taste Me, Love Me ( Durian) 
 Sweet creamy custard with the King of Fruit's subdued essence 
Leche de Almond ( Leche Flan) 
 Velvety leche flan ceowned with ceunchy Almond Florentine

Cocoyeah (Coconut ) 
 Creamy coconut milk mixed witu slivers of young coconut meat 
Passionista (Passion Fruit) 
 Pleasantly sweet and tart silky passion fruit goodness 
Wazzup Soursop ( guyabano ) 
 Sour citrus notes contrasted with smooth soursop puree 
Breezy Berry ( Mixed berries with mint) 
 A mèlange of berries married with the cool breeze of mint. 
Mango Tango ( Mango ) 
 Contrast of fresh local mangoes and Cebu's dried mangoes.


Tijuana Surprise ( Cucumber Dalandan Tequila) 
 Refreshing cucumber and dalandan spiked with fiery tequila. 
Papa Don Preach ( Rum Raisin) 
Plump, juicy raisins enhanced with a kick of warmth from rum 
Kirsk Me ( Black Forest ) 
 High quality couverture chocolate and sponge fused with fruity Kirsch brandy

Yo Berry Yo ( Yogurt w/ berries) 
 Merriment if tartness from.Swiss yogurt and mixed berries 
Oh Honey Honey ( Calamansi & Honey ) 
 Local lime zing blended with Tagaytay honey


My Favorites!

And now to my favorites. I like all of them but I will narrow my list to 8. Cafe Latte is really nice. Not pretentious, very rich coffee flavor. The black forest ( Kirsch Me) , I like the juicy raisin flavor and the perfect kick of Jrmirsch Brandy. Among Sorbets, Coco Yeah is my love. Creamy coconut flavor that is smooth and so light and the palate. I can eat this all day. Di nakakasawa. For Sugar Free, I would go for Yo Berry Yoi. I love yogurt and they definitely nailed nailed this flavor. 

Philippine flavors are a wow! I loke all 4 in the list. Purple Dream? You will be amazed at the complimenting taste of ube and langka. Green with Envy, rich avocado taste --avocadong avocado talaga. Smell Me, Taste Me, Love Me, even for non-durisn lover like me you will love this one. Away from the typical. You might actually start liking the Ling of fruits. And my pinaka- favorite --- Leche De Almond! Wow! Velvety leche flan taste indeed. I can eat this everyday in a month and will not get tired.

Top 3 Picks
So my Top 3 would be 1. Leche De Almond 2. Purple Dream and 3. Coco Yeah.
I am sure you.will find your favorite too!


Choose your flavor, ave it in a cup or cone and you can even prettify your ice cream with sprinkles and many toppings to choose from. Yes you.can personalize your ice cream which is something kids and adults alike will enjoy. In our case we chose 25 out of the 18 flavors and made out own Le Mont Gourmand! 

Premium flavors priced at 120 php per scoop and Regular flavors at 100 php per scoop. Scooping starts April 16. Enjoy scooping, enjoy summer!!!

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