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Useful Tips for Those Who Are On Route

For most people, a preparation to a travel is limited to choosing air tickets, booking a hotel, and packing luggage. However, an experienced traveler knows that this activity covers much more actions and may hide substantial pitfalls. Nevertheless, some issues can be avoided or facilitated if properly cared. On this account, we offer some useful lifehacks that can improve your travel experience and save your resources including money, time, and nerves.

Air Travel

- Similar to Custom Essay Writing Bee that offers services for essay writing numerous websites provide services to find discounted airfares. It is not a joke when a business class ticket can cost 10 or 15% higher than the coach class. Push your luck and fly in luxury at a reduced price.

- Avoid coffee before boarding and in the air since your heart will experience serious load.

- Do you need a detailed information about a certain airport? Find a decent app like GateGuru and enjoy your guide to a variety of services in the chosen destination.

- Wrapping luggage is a common solution to protect it. At the same time, you can save money on this service by doing it yourself. Take a food wrap and roll your bag in it. Extra money is always a bonus during a journey.


- Upload scans of all important documents to Google Drive. In case of loss or steal of original papers, you will have copies at hand.

- It is recommended to take a few bankcards with and keep them in different places. If you lost the main card or it was stolen, you can block it and transfer money to the second card. Your journey can be continued without troubles.

- When renting a vehicle/motorcycle, take pictures of all scratches and flaws in the presence of the owner.

- An external battery is a useful thing to take with on the journey. This device will keep you powered in versatile extreme situations.


- Almost all museums offer free visit days. Learn them in advance and arrange your trip based on the schedule.

- If you have only one day to spend in a new city, find articles or reviews dedicated to a 1-day travel. As a rule, the most important and interesting places are collected for your comfort.

- To avoid surprise when ordering an unknown dish, opt for the Food Spotting app to see the size and view of the dish.

- To save money of excursions, make a habit to buy them online. You can save an average of 10% of the cost and avoid queues.

- Make a route to explore interesting places and sights before your trip. It will release you from wasting time in chaotic rambling from one destination to another.

Transport- Choosing night buses/trains/flights is a good way to save money for accommodation.

- Any airport in the world provides public transport to get to the city. Naturally, taxi is a more convenient but a rather pricier solution.

- At the reception of many hotels, you can find free guides and maps of the city.

- Make sure to download offline maps using Wi-Fi in advance.

The best travel is a comfortable travel. We hope that the mentioned tips will be of service during your next trip.


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