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Disneyland Hong Kong turned out to be so much fun than I expected. It was not in my original itinerary last January but my friend is such a Disney fan that I was dragged into going with him. But I am very thankful for that because if not, I would have not known what I have been missing all along. I blogged about the experience here ----Hong Kong Disneylad: It's About Magic and Memories.

This separate entry is to emphasize the 5 Attractions, that based on my experience, one should not miss when visiting Hong Kong Disneyland.

1.Iron Man Experience

For adults. You can skip on other sections as they are more for kids. My favorites other than Main Street USA where you feel like being in a completely different and place street, Tomorrowland is where you should focus on.

This is where indoor attractions Iron Man Experience and Star Wars are located. The two are part of my Top 3 Best Attractions in Disneyland Hong Kong with the fireworks display as the best. We were lucky because the former two are new attractions here with Iron Man Experience opening just last December if I am not mistaken. Iron Man Experience is a visual treat. They did a good job mapping out Hong Kong geography and skyline in 3D and you can really feel like flying around tall buildings of Hong Kong via jet while some sinister robots try to blow it up and with Iron Man saving the day.


2. Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover
Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover on the other hand satisfied my crave for rides. You are in this indoor roller coaster and you go through a cave so dark you cannot see anything but the projections on the wall of star and spaceships shooting on your vessel. The visuals and sound effects are so convincing and since it is dark and you cannot see the track you fell surprised whenever the coaster makes the twist and turns. This is my 2nd most favorite attraction here.


3.Main Street USA


4.Mickey and the Wondrous Book
Least I forget. Mickey and the Wondrous Book. Set in a big theater so everybody got accommodated despite the long line for the last show. We were seated at the back though. Should have been more fun if we were closer to the stage. The funny part is that Mickey and the other characters talk in Mandarin! Ahahahaha. We had to rely on an electronic board on the side of the stage to know what they were talking about. The singing of course in English. We noticed that most of the performers especially dancers were Southeast-Asian-looking, most probably Filipinos. Filipinos are some of the finest entertainers in the world you know. It set the mood for the fireworks finale as the show was very entertaining. Other than the lively songs/dances and the cartoon characters everybody loves , the stage is very animated. I was surprised at how a stage can change lights and appearance that way depending on the scene.


5. Fireworks Display
And down to my favorite. The reason we did not go on opening because we wanted to make sure we van last until the park closes at 9:00 pm. I am.not sure if this is a daily thing but Jan 21 happened to be Saturday and there was a grand pyromusical at the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the edifice served as a big screen projecting Disney characters everybody's familiar with. It was a visual treat made even more festive because everybody's gathered in front of the castle. And with the song "


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