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Must Try Food in Tutong District: Rojak at KKK

Must Try Food 
in Tutong District: Rojak at KKK

If you are in the area of Tutong or on your way to Belait, you might want to drop by KK Koya Restaurant. There are many good rojak restaurants in the capital Bandar Seri Begawan like Lee Loi Fatt which ranks high on review sites but KK Koya is no doubt the go-to place for rojak in Tutong district.

Rojak (Malay) or Rujak (Indonesian) is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish served with a spicy palm sugar dressing. The word “rojak” literally means “mixture” in Malay. It is very popular in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and thanks to a sizeable Indian community in Brunei, it’s also a sought-after dish in the country. If you want to find good rojak in Brunei, look for an Indian-Malay restaurant and KK Koya is one of them.

Rojak can come in many varieties. In Indonesia alone, they have 13 different versions of it. In Brunei and in KK Koya Restaurant in particular, one can choose between rojak sotong (squid), rojak ayam (chicken) or rojak special which is a combination of both chicken and squid. In the mix are sliced cucur (fried fritter), pineapples, fried tofu, cucumber, potato and turnips. The sauce makes the dish extra special as it has a sweet, spicy kick to it. The chicken is succulent and the squid is cooked to perfection. What makes the Brunei version of rojak unique compared to the Malaysian or Indonesian varieties is its sauce. The sweet, spicy combination makes it addictive and easy on the palate. That said, it becomes more appealing not just to adults but to kids as well.

KK Koya Restaurant is easy to find as it is located along the main road (riverside) leading to Belait and just right across the river. Look for the big shed next to the river and the restaurant is just across it. The exact address is Jalan Enchi Awang Tutong district. This restaurant has been around since 1939 and it has built quite a reputation for not just rojak but other specialties as well. You might want to try their mee goring mamak which is a special stir-fried noodle dish with a special paste along with 'cucur udang' (prawn fritters) . It is also a major draw in this restaurant along with theie teh tarik special. 

There are many other nice restaurants in the area which deserves a separate feature in future posts.