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Gadong Night Market: The Ultimate Food-trip Destination in Brune

Gadong Night Market: The Ultimate Food-trip Destination in Brune

Although Brunei is a high-income country, you will be surprised at how cheap food is in this kingdom of around 500,000 people. Yes, you can have a good meal here for as low as 
1 B$ or roughly 0.74 USD. 

And whilst food in this country is not readily available on the streets or sidewalk like in major Southeast Asian cities, there is one place in Bandar Seri Begawan which takes food-trip to a different level. Many of the best food you want to try in Brunei are in this one-stop shop. No wonder why it is a favorite not just among the locals but for tourists as well. If you are in Brunei, you should not miss Pasar Gadong Night Market.

And have we said that Bruneians take eating as a favorite pastime? Yes, that's why locals flock here daily once it opens at 3:00 pm, and the crowd keeps coming until it closes at 10:00 pm either to dine-in or take-out food. Gadong Night Market is a traditional market that is open-air. Grab a taxi, it is only a few minutes away from downtown. You can also ask your hotel if they can shuttle you here and pick you up when you finish. It is possible to dine here as there are tables and chairs available and the place is always kept clean. 

Feast with your palate, whether you are here for snacks, meal sets or fruits, you will surely have your fill. Nasi gatok, apam balik, panggang, kelupis, sri bunka, roti, kueh mueh, pais udang, nasi ayam, nasi goring, pais, popia, you name it, they have it. Most of these come in variants udang (shrimp), ayam (chicken), daging (pork) depending on your liking.  There is also a wide selection of grilled meats (satay) and fish like salmons and variety of rice cakes too. Different kinds of drinks also abound, from soda to fresh juices. For the young ones, there are burgers and fries too! The other section is where one can buy fruits and at Gadong Night Market, other than seasonal fruits, durians abound.
If you have $5 with you, you will surely be full before you leave here. This place is a celebration of food, of the joy of eating, of diverse flavors ,of community, of coming together.  Being here is like going to a feast. It  is fun, it is memorable. Indeed, Gadong Night Market is the ultimate food-hunt destination in Brunei.