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Filipinas are Beautiful

When I was young, I always hear people say Filipinas are beautiful. As a matter offact, one of the most beautiful in the world and here in this country, people are clean and good smelling. I agreed. Then I started thinking twice, is it really true? With the decay of the tv and movie industry or say entertainment industry in the Philippines and the rise of other Asian countries in this field came the deterioration of FILIPINA beauty and our good taste for fashion.

It could easily be noticed among ordinary people as well. Poverty has it's dent on beauty of course........

But now that the Philippine economic situation is getting better, I think Filipinas / Filipinos are dressing up again and are becoming more and more conscious about their looks. The world should give way, modern Filipinas are ready to take the center stage again and take what is rightfully theirs......

Here is my List of Beautiful Filipinas who we can be proud of here and abroad...

10.Marian Rivera--I think she is fresh. She has a beautiful face but I think she still have a lot of things to prove in terms of how far she can go with her talent so I am placing her in the 10th spot.

9. Maja Salvador---she is young and she waiting for her time to fully bloom. I included her because she is not just a beaty but her acting skills is also good
...I like her role in ONE MORE CHANCE (with John Loyd and Bea)

8. Toni Gonzaga-
-she is not so beautiful according to some critics but I say that got legs to die for and skills in acting, singing, and hosting that people envy. I think she is the female equivalent of the versatile Piolo Pascual.

7. Heart Evangelist-- I like her before but now she went down my list.

6. Nikki Gil

It is very hard to find her picture on the web. I think there are many cases like that, we have a lot of beautiful women who don't get notice because of the lack of beautiful pictures that people can share.

Since it is hard to find her picture, I want you to judge her. Here is her video in the Asian Version of the song BREAKING FEE from the famous HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL franchise.

5. Anne Curtis----
>>>>She is from the rival network of ABS-CBN and I don't like her when she was in that station, just like Angel, Nikki, and Toni who are just pa-cute to tease the jologs followers of that station. There, she was an artist, in ABS-CBN she became a talent. Add her elegance and she's just gorgeous.

4. Angel Locsin

When he transferred to ABS-CBN, I am not sure as to what to feel. I am not certain if she is sincere. I thought her acting is also crap when she was in the other station, but now I think she has shown improvements.

My guess was also correct that she will apparently bloom into a lady just like the transformation of Toni Gonzaga from pa-cute to serious acting.

I now think that she still has a lot of potentials and she will definitely break new boundaries in the years ahead.

3. Ruffa Guttierez
--She is maarte and equally tactless as her mom. She was very controversial this year when a dream marriage ended up in a breakup and the princess story became a nightmare.

--No doubt though that Filipinos adore her and this admiration is directly proportional to her every laughter and tears. Once a princess, always a princess. She was not Ms World Second runner up for nothing......

2. Gretchen Barreto

People hate her. It was because she was drop-dead-gorgeous and rich and like she said, she is happily unmarried. Only a few people can claim that. And only a few people can have such a beautiful face with a very persistent heart.......

1. Kc Concepcion---She is fresh and very talented. The whole world is ahead of her. There was this cloud of sophistication around him where the balance between a very sweet young girl and the elegance and glamor of a fine lady is blurred in a good way.

..........On top of that, she is intelligent. Just some of the reasons why she is on top of my list. There is more to this girl than what she has right now.