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ANDA, my home........


“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to”
-----John Ed Pearce

I think I could completely relate to that.
I have grown up in a very isolated place
called Anda in the Province of Pangsinan.
It is the only island town in the province
and is often regarded as the MOTHER OF THE HUNDRED ISLANDS
because it is the largest island north of the National park.

Anda in gay lingo means money.
But money is something
that we don't have in abundance.
Most of the people are poor.

As a boy growing up in this sorry condition,
it is easy to ask question but hard to find

But the most important question that I always have in my mid is this.
"When will I be able to get out of this island?"
To me , Anda is a land of shattered hopes and broken dreams and
my goal is to get out of the place.
I often go out in the open fields at night and curse the place.
I hate this place, I hate this place, I don't deserve to be here!!!!!!

Years later, i found myself living in another jungle, in MANILA.
Looking back, I know that we don't appreciate things as we go through it but sooner or later we will. And now I do appreciate my little town. The peace it could bring to a tired and weary mind. The stillness and joy it could provide to a sad heart.
I appreciate the trees and the weeds more than before and the stars at night when it is dark. Theres so many of them. And the moon, when it's full.....ahhhhh, I just love lying in the lalawak (grassland) and let time's magical.


Michael Buble - Home

Another summer day
has come and gone away
In Paris or Rome...
but I wanna go home
...uhm Home
may be surrounded by
a million people I
still feel all alone
just wanna go home......

Just like in this famous song, I say, I miss ANDA, my home.

this is my video with 3 of the most important people in my life. Teresa, Marvin and Josh. Crazy pictures--I warn you, but I love the song----


  1. parang kilala ko yung nasa pic ah...


    ako ba yun?

    pangit ko naman jan...


  2. When you said Anda, two things came to mind: money (like you said) and Andalucia, Spain...

    Where in our Philippines is Anda? hmmm sorry Im to tamad to consult google... nonetheless... yeah... we all miss places we consider home... :D

  3. Anda is in western Pangsinan,North of Alaminos City and East of Bolinao------

  4. Iba talaga pa rin kung saan ka lumaki. hahanaphanapin mo. :)

    sa QC ako lumaki. well, most of my innocent years. at pag bumabalik ako sa liblib na barangay namin i tend to feel an unexplainable excitement. :)

    yang home ang fave song ko ni michael buble. :)

    sorry, mate. hindi ako makakapunta. but thanks for the info :)

  5. take note pla---sowi diko naindicate--this one is a re-post

  6. lucas--too bad--maybe next time mate--dmi pa naman pagkakataon e....

  7. Whenever I see the sunset, naaalala ko ang Antique. And it makes me feel so uneasy. tsk tsk! uuwi ka ba kuya ton?

  8. aleen---bat naman makes you sad? me bad memories ba don?

    Phivos Nicolaides --thanks

  9. ang ganda ng sabe ni naruto!

  10. Wow, ganda ng lugar nyo..
    Honestly, I do have something to say.. I mean i have a lot to say about this post.. hukayin ko muna ha.. I'll come back later..

  11. never heard of this island. parang magandang puntahan ito. saya kasi sa mga lugar na wala pa masyadong nakakaalam.

    galing nung parang mga huts.

    ika nga, you only miss the simple things when you loose them. sarap pa rin sa probinsya.

  12. Chyng --haha-nagustuhan u ba?

    Dylan Dimaubusan --parang lalim ata ng sourse a---keke

  13. the donG--it's near Bolinao and it's ver isolated---so life it's is very simple and laid back....sarap magpahinga kung pahinga ang hanap mo---

  14. I have been dreaming to live in a farm, a less complicated life, faw from the bustle and hustle of city life.

    Maybe when I retire, I will settle in the northern province of my wife.

    Great post my friend.

  15. Wow beautiful place..nice video. You are three very good-looking people.

    I have only been to Manaoag and Vinmalley once..nice coasts they have there. Pangasinan is indeed a very beautiful province.

    I hope to visit Anda someday.

  16. The Pope--I also hope to retire in this place one day.

    Dennis Villegas---those are towns in central Pangasinan---i tell you---the west is more beautiful and unspoiled---

  17. Did you feel better after you got out from the island? the place you called home?

    Kung anu yung nakalakhan mo, yung talaga ang babalik balaikan mo.. And the nostalgic feeling is a moment of bliss.
    Natawa ako dun sa part na you cursed the place that you wanted to get out from there.. I do curse, just my situation where I'm in. Parang proclamation kasi sa sarili mo yan na you will not stay that way.

    Manila girl ako until my freshman years in college, we now live in Central Luzon. And I enjoy being here, Jan kasi di mo madalas nakikita ang buwan, stars, ang mga puno and the cool breeze.. etc. I love nature, kaya mas gusto ko na dito, tahimik pa.

    I love Michael Buble, he's voice is so cool and warm, hehe..

  18. seRyOSo nA iteCH nA bOngANg BOnGaa!
    glad u had somE pEace oF SUmthING!.

  19. ill be considering this on my future trips. ill need your advice on what to see and how to go.

  20. Dylan Dimaubusan---at first--yes--then there will this part of me which would always want to go back but not to stay long----there are a lot of contradictions---now I see it as a refuge---a place where you retreat when you are weary..

  21. AntoiNE --feature mo nga rin ang hometown mo Greg---sa city proper ba kayo mismo?

    the donG ---hmmm--it's just a plain simple looking---quiet and isolated place but nothing so magical when it comes to landmarks or landscapes---maganda lang magpahinga talaga don away fro it all----

  22. Hhmm, team bldg ko yata that day. Ano details nyan? When and where?

  23. Dre ganda naman ng mga eksperyens mo...lam mo parehas tayo...minsan gusto ko makita at mapuntahan yun pinanggalingan ko - may mga memories pero kpag overwhelming ang mga memories at naing hardship sa buhay prang gusto ko lng makita pero ayaw ko ng mag stay...prang ginagawa kong strength kpag nanghihina ako pero ayaw ko ng bumalik sa dati tulad mo din...ganda naman ng entry mo!!

  24. darkhorse---pareho nga tayo I guess---I always wanna go back but I dont wanna stay long enough to get bored---maybe not now---not yet---but soon---i will retire in this place.....

  25. Chyng-- UP Diliman--May 9--Saturday---

  26. "Home is where the heart is." :)

  27. Nice to be back...

    How are ya?

    It's always refreshing to think back home! Like, sweeter than ordinary!

  28. they're all from flickr...parang photo databank...parang deviant art but it's exclusive for photos...dun ko din kinukuha yung ibang pics for banner..hehe!

    thanks :P

    no new post? mukhang hindi lang ako ang may writer's block ah....hehe!

    keep safe, mate :)

  29. it is always like that. "i hate to see you go but i love to watch you leave" thing. my grandparents are from pangasinan too but i forgot where exactly though we often go to pangasinan to manaoag.

  30. Mys Lyke Meeh --and I really missed you here---had difficulty finding you after the transfer to the other blog---nice to see you again....

    Eben---it's a cliche' but it's true.

  31. lucas--now thats another fact learned. thanks

    prinsesamusang --a very famous place---medyo malayo-layo sa Hometown ko.

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