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I hope to be better......

Some people might not understand why
until now I seem to be in a not-so-upbeat
situation. I tell you, it's complicated.

It's an aggregate of what life could
possibly throw at me all at once.

Simply put, I am not depressed.
Just a little into the blue, or better yet
say, just a little tired. Whether I could
blame life for it or myself is something
that I'm seriously trying to figure out.

Things happened too fast in the last year that things caught up with me. To give you an idea, last year has been like all the events of 5 years packed in 365 days leading to this moment. Not to mention issues of the heart. In that case, tell me who is not human enough not to get tired.

The past 2 months has been very hectic. The reason........

yes, a house.
we got one in St. Monique Valais Binangonan and it's about to
be ready for occupancy.

Forgive me therefore if I cant keep it any longer. If a blog could be a therapy at times, I want it to work that way. I need anything that could convince me that despite the odds, I am working on something meaningful.

In the book that I am reading ( Being Happy ) Andrew Mathews discussed the importance of setting goals. He went as far as recounting a story of a concentration camp survivor during world war II. This person observed that those who made it through had a reason to keep going. They had a GOAL.

I would like to believe I have one.
But as he said, what you get in pursuit of your goals is of lesser importance. The real question is, what kind of person you need to become in order to achieve your end.

I hope to become a better person. One with a goal.

for more info---St. Monique here


  1. ganyan lang talaga ang buhay.. tama yan.. set your goal.. kailangan mo rin ng pahinga.. dahil sabi mo nga, tao ka pa rin...

  2. lam mo, you're on the right path to be enlightened... appreciate mo lang yung kung ano meron ka right now, it'll make you feel a little better...

  3. yehey... having a house of ur own is another milestone for you.

    just keep it up sir A.
    dont forget to take it all positively ^ ^

    thanks for all the school encouragements, heheheeh

    our summer classes will begin in 2 weeks time.

    Statistics naman! huhuhu


  4. Fjordan Allego --maaybe I am taking myself too seriously.

    gillboard --yun, I should do that. learn to appreciate more. thanks

  5. Antoine Greg--it is---it's just that it doesn't feel good yet at this point because of all the pressure. I hope to feel it soon.

    Niel Camhalla-- I will, I will.

  6. i think that's everyone's too but sometimes you really get upset if they remained goals and never get to fulfill them.
    honestly im at the point of "que sera sera "..i feel like contented w/ have i have.don't feel good though!this is not me,im a dreamer..maybe just tired like what you said

  7. hey, that's really cool:) you got a house. Congrats!

    I have to agree with having goals in life. It's something that gives us something to look forward to, something to hope for and something to be happy about.

  8. Pusang gala, heloooo...

    Okey, happiness ba hanap mo?

    Sa blog meron, ahihihiii.Punta ka lang sa blog ko. Tsus!

    ser-yus-li, happines is not the end to it, it is a journey toards it.

    People/humans go on searching ha-pi-ness, but once got what one's makes happy, there isnt enough.

    Kaya ok lang na u feel that way...

    Basta la ka kaaway, happy ka na non, kasi you are at peace with yourself and everybody...
    all the best.

  9. yeah, i know something about setting goal
    its just very important and all of us must to practise it
    either our goal an we achieve or not its not important, the things is, we have a plan

    -sorry about my blog, malay version, hihi-

  10. happy me sau... effective ata ung libro ah... makabili nga... hehehe!


  11. aquamarine --I want to pace myself din---coz I know I am already tiring myself,......

    Marites--well said--I want to reap the fruits of my labor soon at nang makarelax naman ng unti.

  12. take deep breaths and eat tons of ice cream! alam mo exhaustion ang tawag diyan but you will be okay diba? diba? ngiti naman diyan!

  13. Francesca --miss u po dito---gusto ko yun---wlang kaaway--oldo mahirap minsan coz it's not an ideal world....

    joegrimjow---yeah---how I really wish I could read your blog in english. that I could also

  14. Nice naman...

    Isa sa mga top priority ko magkaroon ng isang bahay at lupa... Hehe :)

    Saka na family kapag stable na ako...

  15. [what you GET in pursuit of your goals is of lesser importance. The real question is, what kind of person you need to become in order to achieve your end.]--i love this line. indeed, the journey that matters more than the destination. success is when you turn into the person you want to be..kahit nakuha mo yung goal o hindi. :)

    --yeah. i'll notify you, mate. yung austere sa last post mo yata. ahehe!

  16. naiintindihan ka naman namin. kaya ayos lang basta keep posting.

    congratulations sa bagong bahay. layo nga lang.

  17. we all strive to be a better person. and of course we all need a goal kasi panu mo makukuha yung gusto mo if yu cant even set a goal for yourself. eto kasi ang magiging batayan ng plano mo sa life db? ^^

  18. marvz --- hiramin u nalang to sakin after ni Teresa....pero---mukhang di mo naman kailangan e.

    prinsesamusang ---will ice cream help--anti-depressant ba.?keke

  19. Richard the Lionheart --uo. better na yun.

    lucas--uo---it's a journey. not a destination. I used to do it the other way around---I have to shift strategies.

  20. the donG ---salamat---uo nga e-layo--pero okay narin. good thing I can work at home. kung hindi--kahit ganu kaganda--ayoko--buti nalng me internet.

    cyndirellaz--tama ka dyan. I cant agree more.

  21. ilang years to pay ba yan?

    kaya yan. sabihin mo na lang sakin sa YM ang details. hehe.

  22. Take life easy but then be wise also. Life is sometimes a series of "go figure".. Napaka-unpredictable but if we live our lives one day at a time, mas magkakaroon tayo ng self fulfillments.. Easy lang.

    Smile and enjoy life!
    If you're a serious type of person I suggest you go with people who are fun to be with..C'mon! Pressures are for pressure cookers! Oo nag't tumatanda ka na, may mga responsibilities but don't push yourself too hard.. Tatanda kang wala sa panahon, hehehe..

  23. PG - second the motion ako kay DYlan! I like setting goals too but sometimes it doesn't work the way we wanted..."shrug" life is too short too worry 'bot these things! have fun the best is yet to come tc :)

  24. I also feel the same minsan. Basata mahalaga we're striving ro be there. Jan naman nagsstart yan eh, accept our weakness.

    Anyway, san destination nyo? (cebupacific?)

  25. Curbside Puppet ---why do you wanna know the details Bajie ha---keke

    Dylan Dimaubusan---now that you said so--I will smile more often. keke

  26. darkhorse---salamat---I will take things slowly din don't worry.

    Chyng--- uo--kailangan na e. Cebu Pac? cebu-bohol lang us---local muna---dami priorities e. kayo? Singapore kayo no?

  27. ui, saan yung link? saan yung blogger summit. sana naman makasama ako...

    ahehe! kelangan lang talagang isingit ang AI! paborito ko yun eh..:P peace out!

  28. Lucas---yan na---iniwan ko na sa blog mo---

  29. wow mayaman na c kuya..hhihi ganda pa ng view jan..:)


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