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Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled "This could change your life." ~Helen Exley

They do.
That's what is supposed to happen.
I am supposed to have a book of this kind
but somebody took it away. That's FOUL!!!!!

.............. a student of mine from Korea sent me
a book she ordered from for the reason
that it was not available in our local bookstores.
I was so excited.
I waited.After 3 months, nothing came.
I started to panic but it was too late, it was on its way back to Korea...waaaaahhh!!!

What happened?
Who was to be blamed? My suspect was our very inefficient postal system in the Philippines. I was supposed to receive a note, right? It was a package heavens sake no matter how miniature it is. The note ended up in the company's mailbox where people didn't notice it for months until another package for another teacher came.

It was like a conspiracy. The universe against me.
I was a victim. And I am so depressed.
I need the book.
It's about HOW TO BE AN ADULT. RIGHT, that's the title.
Now, what I have is another case of arrested Development and I don't know who to point my finger to.
Anyways, I hope I could have a copy of it one of these days.(national bookstore hear my prayers.)
For the mean time, maybe I will have to settle for my old immature self.......

the first one was the one sent to me.....

By the way, I hope I could also grab a copy of the other one.
Maybe it will help me accept things as they are in the Philippines......


  1. third world postal system is totally f*cked up!

    same thing happened to me 3x already!!!

    good things my studes sent it back!

  2. yes...I really feed bad about it. honestly....


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