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CATS are better than dogs>>>>>>>>

I've been teaching english to Koreans
for almost 2 years now.
If there is one thing I've noticed,
in their books,
in their opinions
if you are going to ask them is that
they prefer dogs
over cats.
I don't know if that is universal in nature.
I've never heard of a study where the actual
number of cat-lovers and dog-lovers
were counted............

If it true, maybe because of the negative
impressions that
we have with cats,
you know, all those superstitious beliefs
and the idea that
they are not as loyal as dogs or they cannot
defend you in times of trouble>>>>>>>>>>

Personally though, I prefer cats and I could prove that
they are better than dogs.
Here are just some the many reasons why.................

1. They are health conscious, they are not as voracious as dogs.
2. They love gadgets........( that a game boy something. I hope it's not a portable dvd player, you know I cannot allow watching porno in this blog)
3. They could make a good toy........and snack if you get hungry.
They don't just bite or scratch you contrary to popular belief.

4. And who say's they cannot swim? proof enough? This one looks like she's ready for the Olympic games....
5. Look---talk about moderation.!!!!!
They are also loyal to their owners and very considerate to the feelings of others.
And according to my sources, this one here even knows how to use chopstick....very
6.And that's hygiene.
7. Wow!!!! they even have a good taste for reading. (Are those bees?What are the doing? I said it, what the f....!!!????)

8. And who says only dogs can do it???????
9. Now that's life...yeah, beer and tv. Chill out............... chill out!!!!!
10. Wait a minute.As there is a need, they can also do some karate moves......wataaaaa!!!!! (poor dog...kkk.)
11. Wan't more proof? Anyone will not be spared.......

and the best reason??????

THEY ARE VERY PATIENT......and remember what they say about

But seriously, I prefer cats over dogs.
Too bad modern life has made me so busy I cannot even take care of one........