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CUSTOMER Service--- Filipino Style

Filipinos are caring.
Our caregivers are scattered all over the world to prove that.
We know how to take care of our visitors.....Filipino hospitality bla bla.....
and we are good in customer service. SM Style (the customer is always right).
We are very patient even to irate Americans who flood our call centers
with thousands of calls everyday.

The country’s call center industry has indeed experienced incredible growth from employing less than 2,000 people in 2001, it has grown 100 times in size in a span of only five years with a current estimate of 200, 000 professionals. Every Offshore call center outsourcing agency Philippines are showing every intention of further driving growth and doubling their work forces.

This is one classic example of how caring and patient a Filipino is.............

No wonder, everybody loves us when it comes to customer satisfaction. They will KELL for this kind of service.......