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I love ICE SKATING.........

but not in this manner please...........

okay....I have to admit. At my age, there are things that are already hard to learn.Ice skating is one. But Well, I can but I am not so good at it so I had my share of bruises in the ice.'s nice to mention though that our SM Megamall Ice Skating team has been winning competitions here and there. The most recent is Skate Asia 2007 which was held for the first time in the Philippines where they took the over all team championship. This is big achievement knowing that we only have 3 ice skating rinks in the country, the 3rd was just opened last year when the MALL OF ASIA was opened. It was our first Olympic size Ice skating rink and I hope it will be producing our future Olympic Champion.


  1. Ouch! the pic!! now THAT's breaking ice~!! LOL... Wow! 3 ice skate rinks?? that's so awesome! you should learn to ice skate~ i heard it'll make us feel like flying~!! haha

  2. yes...I should.
    By the way, many ice skating rinks are there in Malaysia?


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