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In a time
when women
are claiming
that they are
equal with men,
is CHIVALRY still relevant?

.....I sometimes feel the pressure between doing what I want to do and what I need to do. We all get tired of work and on our way home in the bus or in the metro for example we just want to slack in your seat, close your eyes and take every second available to rest a bit. Then a member of the female specie would suddenly appear in front of you, not saying anything but you could imagine her screaming you ungentlemanly moron!!!!. What would you do?

....For the most part,
I try to convince myself
that they should
put up with their claim of
equality between sexes
but no matter how
I try to fool myself,
it just doesn't feel right.................


  1. The internal conflict is triggered everywhere... In the train or bus where ladies stand because of lack of seat and in the streets where random female strangers carry heavy thingies...

    And yeah, you hit the spot when you said "it just doesn't feel right................."

  2. I think so....
    Whatever happens, men will always be men and we always have this feeling that there is something with the idea of saving a woman.....


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