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I remember BAGUIO........

My hometown is just
3 hours away from Baguio.....
It's actually not that far
but you know, the inefficiency
of public transportation
in the Philippines and all
especially in the countryside.
We sometimes drop by the place
during long holidays
before going back home
from my work in Manila.
The experience is always special
because it is the only place
in the Philippines capable
of making me feel that
I am in another country........
My friend made this as a memento....I love the song. It gives me a flashback of the wonderful things that no picture or video can capture coz it's something that you can only keep deep in your heart.....


For me its about the weather. So I always have this windbreaker in my neck even if it doesn't look good on me and I shop as if I have lots of money. I love having coffee in FIGARO in the view deck of SM-BAGUIO, walk down busy Session Road, buy cheap fruits, flowers and vegetables in the public market or simply sit somewhere and feel the cold air in my lungs.I remember last year when me, my girlfriend and some close friends decided to go on a weekend trip there. It mas amazing. I was able to clear my mind even for only 2 days. As a matter of fact, that time was my first to ride a horse coz I'm really afraid of having one so I never tried before........

........I remember Baguio and I want to go there one of these days, perhaps this time alone, because I want to be with myself again........


  1. hayyy.. kaingget!jusko! bata palang ako nun nag punta ako jan.. heheh.. d ko na maalala anung itchura nang baguio! hehe

  2. thanks po.....taga san kaba jhamy? punta tu minsan.......

  3. ur video makes me miss my hometown..i miss the philippines..hi josh! still w/ ate donna..regards to her

  4. i miss baguio too. i love that spot in sm's viewdeck and the session road street sign.

  5. I've never been to Baguio. Sooo jealous...!

  6. why...from where are you Allen?
    you should go there once....

  7. I can't count how many times I have been to Baguio...hehehe

    Gala rin ako ei :))


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