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The long wait is over.........

after 6 long years,
the Ninoy Aquino
Airport Terminal 3

has opened yesterday and
will start servicing
international flights
next month
in preparation for
the facility's
full operations next year....

This is a very positive news for all Filipinos because the old Terminal has been a laughing stock among foreigners and locals alike. It might not be as grand as that of Singapore or Hongkong but it definitely is better than the old and dilapidated terminal 1. We definitely deserve nothing less.......

We'll keep you updated on this one.
All's well that ends well indeed........


  1. congratulations !! now you defeat indonesia airports ! Jakarta airport terminal 3 will start operating the end of 2008. Medan airport will probably the best airport in indonesia in term of design. Check my old post, dude. !
    Hey, i am still waiting for your china and india things. ! hehehe
    thanks, dude. I like to see philippines growing together with Indonesia.

  2. wow the new terminal looks so sleek!!!

    a very good news for us pinoys indeed

  3. looks like you have all things covered for Indonesia Arry....I will check your post....

    ....and about the survey. I will really work on it tonight. I will not go to bed until I give you my word for it.

    Sorry, my friends are bugging me again to go out and see a movie despite the heavy rains here in Manila today.....

    arghh....I have a lot of things going on here I don't know what to do first.kkk

  4. This is much better than that old one. This has a lot of space. I'm looking forward to see that rumored monument in front of the NAIA 3 which will be the national symbol in the future, as they say.

    But then, this has a lot to go before it competes with Chek Lap Kok and Changi.

  5. looks good..interior is great(as shown in the pic)..i hope everything works well..hope to arrive in that terminal soon..its a good news indeed..Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  6. Allen, what is that monument you are referring to? I think I am not aware of that...........

  7. Yes, Lery, you should go back to the Philippines soon. Too bad I will be using Diosdado Macapagal Airport in Clark this September if everything goes on as planned. It's alot cheaper you know....kkk

  8. I will be flying CEB to Boracay. I cannot wait see the new airport!

  9. was here again. This new airport really envies me :(


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