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if life is a choice............


I learned
that there are
couple of companies
in Manila
which employ
people on
a full time basis
but declare them as
part-time workers
so as not to
be required to pay taxes
or give benefits
to their employees......

If you are to choose, which do you think is better? Where would you work?

1. In a company where you have a regular-permanent position with all the benefits but the salary is not so good. (not to mention the taxes)


2. In a company where your employment is temporary, you don't get benefits but you are not taxed and the salary is twice or even thrice the National average?

.......sounds easy but I guess it's a lot different if you are in the situation.


  1. Neither. I'd like to run my own company and be the best employer around...

  2. the options are like... is there another choice available?

    the first choice is good, except the low salary. but with the current amendments in our tax system where minimum wage earners, who are the majority of the employee population, are exempted from tax, it is already a big help.

  3. nope---sometimes you just can't have it all.....

  4. would be a great idea.If you have the money. kkk

  5. The Islander, naaprubahan na ba yan?


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