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the MAGIC of not knowing........

I heard somebody say one time that he prefers prayers in Latin co'z when praying, it is better if you do not understand what you are saying......

Reminds me of F4 songs from
the famous meteor garden.
They always make me
feel something
beyond what I can explain,
beyond my comprehension
but I know this something
is something beautiful.
(di ako nagdadalang-tae ha)

F4 songs

It's just different and for those who are still wondering why these songs were such a hit in the the Philippines despite the fact that people are clueless of what they are all about, well stop!!!That's where the magic just let the whole thing take you without asking, without opposition, without pretensions.Just let it play,and like water, let it cleanse you and make you feel fresh again. There is magic in not knowing.

Maybe these people feel what I feel.............

Or maybe they are seeing something else......kkk.


  1. nakakamiss ang f4...


    nice pics!

  2. quotable quote:

    "what you don't know can't hurt you..."

    it's cool to be innocent on some things sometimes...

    cool site..i linked you up!

  3. Agree with you Ron.....

    pero Ron, matanung ko lang.
    Anu ba yang nasa mout mo?
    kung toothbrush yan,sobrang laki naman ata?customized?
    well, maybe
    "what I don't know can't hurt me..."

    thanks for the comments....kkk

  4. seems a nice place. may i know where this is?

  5. sa internet----I got it randomly over the web.Di naman ako gaya u na kung saan saan sumisiksik Islader....kkk

  6. haha. brings back memories...kagagraduate ko lang ng high school non. [listening to them now]


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