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Yes it is.
So deal with it!!!!

I always tell my students this
when I was in public school.
Better if they have a hold of reality.

These are just some of the reasons.......

In the Philippines --------
1. white cows
2. goats (kambing na payat)
3. madre de cacao
4. meters
5. lanzones (di mo pwedeng gawing juice manlang sana)
6. lambanog
7. rice (uo bigas)
8. hotcake (with star margarine please!!!)
9. ipo-ipo
10. typhoon

In the WEST
1. cows with dots
2. sheeps with expensive wools
3. cherry blossoms
4. miles (mas mahaba)
5. grapes (more expensive)
6. wine
7. barley, wheat, cereal (cococrunch???)
8. pancake .....with syrup
9. twister (at mas malakas...pero dibale nalang)
10. hurricanes ---as I said, they can have it!he he he

no wonder they are brats
and this?--------what say you?

Pusang gala.....ako nga sa Mindanao lang pinakamalayo narating ko eh.
Now tell me if life is not unfair.


  1. sosyal ang dog na ito...

    kabog tayong lahat!

  2. ya....siguro konswelo de bobo nalang natin is that no matter where you take them....they are still dogs and we are human......

    ....take that!


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