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Opps....the Philippines did it gain.!!!!

The Philippines
has again
managed to win
the World Championships
of the Performing Arts (WCOPA)2008.

Catherine Loria (13 years old) was awarded Junior Grand Champion Vocalist for her rendition of the song I believe I can fly......

It was historic when Aria Clemente also won the Junior division in 2005 with Jed Madela bagging the Senior Grand Performer in the same year.

For the first time in the 11-year history of the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA), a magnificent sweep of awards was achieved by just one nation, the Philippines in 2005.

The World Championships of Performing Arts is considered the official talent Olympics, staged annually in California.

That's a feat!!!
Filipinos are really one of the most talented people in the world......


  1. I just saw that Aria Clemente a few weeks ago on TV. she sang well. just like lea.

  2. I wonder why ABS-CBN didn't get her, in the same way they did with Jed Madela......

  3. Oh.....I found her performance in ASAP 08 with Jed. I think that is what you are referring to. BDW...she is a recording artists for star records. That's good....


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