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When the Past is Present......


I wanna grab a copy of this book by David Richo.......

"Healing the Emotional Wounds That Sabotage Our Relationships."

I am very sorry, but since I havn't read it yet, I took the liberty of taking the synopsis from David, Richo's site........

A touching fact about us is that we seem hard-wired to replay the past, especially when it includes emotional pain or disappointment. We tend to go through life simply casting new people in the roles of key people, such as our parents or past partners with whom there is still unfinished business. This phenomenon, called transference, is unconscious. What we transfer are feelings, needs, expectations, defenses, fantasies, beliefs, and attitudes. Transference can be our way of telling the untold story inside us. We can learn to notice clues about how our past is still very much alive in our present relationships. In this book, we also find practices to help us clear up our old business and form healthy relationships that no longer have to replicate the past. Then authentic intimacy can bloom.

........National Bookstore, please!!!!!


  1. the book looks interesting.

    thanks for the nice words.


    i linked you up
    pls do the same. thanks!
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  2. thanks....I did.
    more power to our fingers.......


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