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CHICKEN Alarm Clock?


Rainy days are here again.
Sarap magkape,
Sarap maligo sa ulan,
Sarap matulog., sarap matulog!!!!

.......too bad if you have a graveyard shift or if you need to wake uu as early as 4am everyday just to make it to your 5am shift. Sometimes, it's just too hard to wake up.

I have multiple alarms in my cellphone and I usually set it on 3 different schedules. But this morning, I don't know, I just didn't notice it ringing!!!!!!
Maybe I need a better alarm clock.
Maybe this is the solution>>>>>>>>>>

The egg laying clock.
The moment it starts ringing, it will scatter the eggs all over the room in random.
It will only quiet down after you put all the eggs back. I guess everyday will always feel like easter eh?


  1. ang cute naman nun...

  2. actually marami pa sila. there's one which is like a hand grenade. It's very loud so I think it will be very irritating.....


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