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5 things you should know about this years Olympics.........

Some facts
for everybody to
for this years

1. The torch has already been extinguished several times--

The torch is supposed to withstand 65 km/h winds and rain up to a rate of 50 millimeters per hour, but it’s already been snuffed out a handful of times on its 129-day, 137,000-kilometer relay that began last March. Either blame the protesters or China's bad human rights record.

2. The Games have displaced 1.5 million people.

1.5 million Chinese citizens have been forced out of their lands due to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games -- which of coarse the central government denies. Even worse, the Beijing police is said to have imprisoned countless residents for protesting the evictions.

3. No world record is expected to be broken

This is due to what experts refer to as serious air-quality problem.
Looks like everything really matters here, from the food, water and even the lightweight materials athletes use in their events. Hopefully not, or elese things will be a bit boring this year.

4. It's Baseballs last show, at least for now.

I heard that it was because of the fact that the US has been monopolizing the event since it was introduced in the games. No other country could come close the challenge. No worries for those baseball fanatics thought. It might be back in 2016 or 2020 Games. Might.

5. You can’t eat dog at this year’s Olympics

Sorry for those who want's to celebrate with beer and some dog meat on the side. Eating dog meat is a no no this years. During the event at least. Looks like the animal activists made got it first. Attendees are also prohibited from spitting, being rude, standing in the seating sections, waving flags of nations other than those competing, and carrying such items as crossbows, daggers, fireworks, guns, radioactive material, laser pointers, and musical instruments.

It's 8pm pa in the Philippines.
And since we don't have solar sports here
coz we are sky cable subscribers
in my boarding house
I'll just catch it in channel 9.
Enjoy watching....


  1. I saw the opening sa tv kanina! Fabuloush!

    Seriously, bawal hotdogs?! OK!

  2. yeah, it's super grand. Super na nga Grand pa.kkk

    Pero, yung dog meat po bawal, not hotdog ok?kkk


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