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Opening Ceremonies: Athens 2004.....

let's make comparisons
the 2 previous
Olympic Games
opening ceremonies.
You be the judge
which you think is

Let's go back to Greece
in 2004.....

...I heard that the opening ceremonies in Greece in 2004 is the most expensive so far. Not even the $100 million budget in this years Beijing games was able to match.
...I also feel that the grandeur of the opening ceremonies last night was pale in comparison to the magic that was in Greece...


  1. wow...i couldn't remember what happened in the opening ceremonies back in athens. (ang bagal magload ng you tube dito sa net shop)...but i was able to watch the live coverage, and wow...i was blown away couldn't describe it..the ancient culture of china collided with the future...brilliant. hehe!

  2. yes, it was a showcase of how rich China is culturally and they were able to preserve it and carefully incorporated it in the modernity that China is now....

  3. I still feel that the pageantry of the 2004 Athens Olympics is more magical....

  4. well, you know what, i still think the Barcelona Olympics started all that elegant drama with the opening ceremonies... all the rest were just more expensive versions of it. I still drop my jaws everytime i watch how the archer lit the cauldron in barcelona... and the production... the song... it was just amazing!

  5. Well, I would say every opening ceremony has its own flavours, as each country has different cultures, history, to showcase the world!

    As a Chinese, though I am Singaporean, I don't think I can make any fair comparison now heehee, I will surely support China! Sorry bro! Why don't we just enjoy the summer games now. :)

  6. fabulusou. hahah expensive nga

  7. eunice is probably right. you cannot actually compare one culture from another. Athens has the most magic, but Beijing has the most spectacle, and Barcelina has the most flambouyance and flair... Sydney has the most fun and Atlanta was... well, it has the most Coca Cola and Mcdonald's ads in the history of Olympics...

  8. that's alot of information there from you guys. I also realized that a few days ago after thinking carefully. Not really fair to compare co'z each have their distinct charcter or flavor ika nga.

    I don't know barcelona though,
    I remember Atlanta.
    I need to do more research I guess. Thanks again.

  9. Eunice, that's understandable and I am sorry if I have mixed opinions about China sometimes. I hope it doesn't affect you on a personal level. I like the Chinese people but not the government. As you know, I admire the Chinese in a lot of things. Although I have some objections about communism and everything---that will be on the government side.

    Anyways, out of the topic. I would say I enjoy both. And to be honest I watched the first 30 minutes of the opening ceremonies but missed the next 25 minutes or so. There, maybe that spells the difference. kkk

  10. Back again! Hmm, give the Chinese govt sometime, I have a feeling they are trying hard to improve China. I believe if my ancestors were still alive, they would say China is a lot better than in the past.

    Sometimes we can't look at the western media too much, we have to read both side of the news. I always find Western media tends to find faults, when they themselves, their countries also have alot of internal problems to solve. Anyway, peace!

  11. Nice point. That is also my wish. The government is softening a bit. I hope this trend continues. China is on it's way to greatness. A thing that it deserves. I am glad to know that you are proud of your heritage and you are ready to speak for it...... became a bit political.Let's relax a bit.peace.kkk


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