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Are these nuggets of wisdom?

This is
very alarming!!!
I would like
to take a pause first
about my fanaticism
over the Olympic games....

You see,
I was in the
restroom a while ago
and I noticed
2 white hairs
in my head. OMG.
I panicked, honestly.
Not that it's OA
but I was looking at
my pictures
for the past 3 years
and I noticed that I
aged a bit.
Then this????

I'm only 27, I can't admit that!!!!!!
I have to do something about this. It should be reversible. I know I was so stressed for the past 3 years and I have been working like a carabao just to earn enough money so that just in case I die I can afford to buy a coffin.joke. But seroiusly, I think most of us are afraid of the idea of aging. I mean, the young doesn't think about death so I must really be old. Yes I'm 27, I'm not so young after all but I am just not yet ready to see white hairs hanging in my head.Oh, please, no!!!!!

Maybe it's in the wax that I have been using these past few years......

...okay, it's common sense. If you go out everyday with this thing on then there should be some side effects, right. But what should I do? I look like a troll doll if I don't put anything. Hmmmm, I should find a peaceful alternative to this. As of now, maybe it would help if I would temporarily fool myself and believe what an old friend always say that those white hairs are nuggets of wisdom............


  1. Over reacting! Normal lang yan, ako nga 24y/o meron na din- mga 10 strands! hehe

    Ok lang yan.. And beauty must suffer pain. Kaya go pa din sa Wax! (--,)

  2. buti nga may buhok ka pa eh..ako 21 pa lang nakakalbo na! huhuhu! hehe!

    gosh if im not mistaken bukas na ang opening ceremonies ng OLYPICS! grabe inaabanangan ko tlga ang olympics ever since and i must say that China could turn the table this time...weee! sa mga cities na naghost SYDney and pinakgusto ko..sana mas malupit ang China...monitored ko progress nila in preparation for the event..wee!

  3. meron akong mga puting buhok sa ilong. ewan ko nga. ang hirap pa naman bunutin. kakagigil.

    buti na lang walang tumubo dun sa ilalim he he teka ma check nga ha ha

  4. i don't have gray hair yet. pero, it's okey lang naman na meron. it's just hair and that's natural. have a nice day!

  5. Dude,

    Seeing white hairs on your head should not be a cause of panic. It is not a fool-proof indicator of ageing.

    But the moment you start seeing white wiry hairs "down there", I think it's the best time to think about a good retirement plan.


  6. I agree Chyng, beauty is a curse. Kaso wala na ngang beauty , me curse pa.kkk

    Ron, tigilan u na kasi pagsusumbrero. Ayan, nakasumbrero ka 24/7.

  7. abou---anung part na nga uli yung di tinubuan?

    mary anne, I am not really sure if it is natural. or natural sa pagtanda. That, I cannot accept yet.kkk

    and Jake...sobra ka naman advanced. Ni di pa nga pumasok isip ko na me white hair pala down there....

  8. OMG! i can't imagine na 30 na tayo in 3 f*cking years!!!!

  9. kya nga. need to drink a lot of stresstab and vitamin E---kkk.

    pero sabi nga nung dati ko officemate---pera pera lang ang showdown.kkk


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