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Our Olympians..............


I feel proud of
our Olympians.
When I say making it
to Beijing is such a
big feat, I mean it.
OMG, ni hindi nga ako
nakarating ng
Division meet when I
was in elementary
or high school e.....

.........along with swimmers Miguel Molina, Christel Simms, Daniel Coakley, JB Walsh and Ryan Arabejo, weightlifter Heidilyn Diaz, and tracksters Marestella Torres and Henry Dagmil, I really wish them all the best.

I hope we can make our mark this year because I have always believed in the resilience of our people and the power of the Filipino heart.....


  1. i wish the pinoy team the best of luck!

  2. im keeping my fingers crossed that majority of them would reap the gold this time.

  3. I just hope the judges and referees would be fair to them, you know, like what happened with Onyok in Atlanta---that's a disaster. We should have tasted our first Olympic gold medal.......

  4. hmmm yung shiela sa diving ang alam ko friend nang exe ko yan.. hehe sa gen san.. way back kopong kopong.. share lang!! hehehe

    go pilipnas!! may the force be with you all..

    teka sila lang ba ang mga atleta naten?


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