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BLACK OUT in the Philippines...........

I am a
constant visitor
of this website in
Thailand which
they call magazinedee.
Here, you can view all magazines
they currently have in circulation
as well as back issues
dating as far as 2001.
They got amazing shots and
gorgeous models although
not all of them are from
that country......
So I always thought
why can't the Philippines
make a similar site
where we can showcase
the best photography
of what we can offer
in this side of the

Yes, Filipinos are beautiful, and we have some of the best photographers around.We got some of the best fashion magazines in Southeast Asia.Blame the competition though.We just can't put our acts together. Therefore, the world cannot see. All they find when they type the word PINOY or Filipina are pictures of nude women who are not fair representations of how beautiful this race is.........

Until this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sorry for the picture overload. Can't help it.kkk
BTW, this is part of the BLACK OUT series of photography for bench which is one of the largest clothing brand in the PHILIPPINES.
So you see, this is just the tip of the iceberg...............

............we are a proud race.
Move over world.
We are here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!

For more info and downloads, you can visit he official website of bench here..


  1. YAY for pinoys!!

    i hope we can get things straight in here, i know we can really make it big!

  2. woaahh!! im a bench fanatic. from socks to gels, i wear bench. ang mura naman kasi kumpara sa iba.

    going back to your post.. ill buy a copy of the cd nalang to watch the show. para naman kahit konti e may makuhang tip kung pano manamit. hehe.

    sana nga maorganize yung mga talents natin. competition is healthy but sana in a united manner and aligned.

  3. medyo mahal na nga actually. Mayaman ka lang talaga islander kaya namumurahan ka.kkk

    Anyways, just like San Miguel beer or Jollibee, Bench is another Filipino Icon.....

    A global brand that we can all be proud of.

    Right Alex?

  4. yes tama ka..tnx sa comment d way i linked u..hope it's ok.

  5. hahaha mahal na ba? parang ganun pa rin naman eh. kumpara mo sa penshoppe at iba pang known brands...

    tsaka di po ako mayaman. isa lang akong hampas lupa. sayang nga lang at na-hack yung old blog ko. andun lahat ng hinanakit ko sa buhay. haha

  6. Sabagay. Oxygen is way beyong my budget.kkk......

    anyways, anu na nangyari sa isa u blog. never recovered it? Me other side ka pala ha.
    I guess better stay in the bright side.
    With all you adventures, life is fun.

  7. Ate Marly, thanks po and more power po talaga sa inyo lahat dyan sa US......


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