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There's no Stopping Charice.......

This is the time
of fast food and
instant noodles and
express delivery,
even instant fame.....

Thanks to youtube, we
have a very classic example here
in the Philippines.
After coming out
in the show STAR KING, the world notice this BIG talent and looks like there is no stopping her................

.......of coarse we hear negative remarks here and there, like she is not so good compared to other singers here in the Philippines or that she is not so beautiful blah blah blah, but one thing is certain guys........

......she is successful and YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH SUCCESS.
What about that?


  1. ang galing!!! she's now in line with celine dion, charlotte church, angie stone, etc for having a duet with andrea bocelli...

    my fave performances of charice were one moment in time, i believe, and listen...hehe!


  2. i always like her since the dai got to watch yung birit bulilit sa mtb yata. when i saw her in tv show teasers, i always make sure to remember it so i can watch her again. i was even disappointed when she placed 3 in ano nga bang show yun.. yung si sam concepcion ang nanalo. she always topped the weekly performances but then ended as third.

    well anyway, today is the payback time.. look where she's heading.. stardom. international pa. and with all the duets with prominent performers.

  3. i adore that girl sooo much!

    she's gonna perform in the world cup in september!

  4. I am glad all you guys support her.....

  5. Alex, what world cup are you referring to? Must be very exciting....


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