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english please..............


I have a few students who exclaimed that Filipino's are one
of the best english speaking people in the world.
They like the
accent neutrality.
I agreed and disagreed..........

....what do you think????

PS: Thanks to my friend MELA for this research.
More videos please.kkk


  1. I personally think Philippines' English is quite good. Well, i never been there before... but i use as my evidence from the abundance of worldwide popular Pinoy blogs in the blogshpere~ :D One question... is English widely used in school? Are the subjects in english or tagalog or other dialects? i'd always wanna know...

  2. Camera Cafe is for thinking audience.. Like it!


    never knew we have a show like this, this one still on tv??

  4. Frog----in the Phils, if you have 8 subjects in school, 4 are in english and 4 in FILIPINO. All legal documents are in english and 50% of the time, english is what you hear in tv. All our major broadsheets are in english as well....

  5. Chyng---for thinking audience pala to. No wonder why I never heard of it before.kkk

    Alex---halatang wala na tayong tv life. I don't know if it is still on air. Lets ask Mela.

  6. hilarious...

    Trivia: Philippines is the 5th largest English-speaking country in the world (and not 3rd)
    We are 5th to US, UK, India and Nigeria.

  7. Nigeria? really? I never thought of that. And I have always known that we got more english speakers here than UK because of coarse of the 92 million population we have here. Nways, I guess I need to update my info. Thanks to the info doc. Appreciate it.....


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