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what's in a name...........???

For those who doesn't know,
(maybe 0.0005% of my readers)
the word MC in McDonalds
means son of.
McDonalds therefore
means the son of DONALDS......

But, ever wondered
how he look like
when he was young?

We are lucky to have his baby picture here.......

.....ohhh, that's cute. Our goal now is to find a baby picture of Jollibee.kkk


  1. I am the 0.0005% of your readers, I didn't know MC means son of! Now I know...

    This baby, haha, so cute, hmm... but hope the make up won't harm his delicate baby skin XP

    Yeah! Joker should be the brother of McDonald! XD

  2. adorable. just adorable. :D

  3. Kris----I don't know.maybe the dark side of McDonalds. Star was ba to?kkk.

    The DONG---thanks po for the constant visit.

  4. Eunice---thanks for saving me. Now you know.kkk. Maybe we will join Kris Jasper in researching if joker is the brother of

    flinch---help me find a baby picture of jollibee okay, maybe he is more adorable....thanks man

  5. gosh ang freaky ng baby ronald mcdonald!!

  6. in fairness naman Alex---cute sya. Di lang siguro tayo sanay makakita ng bay version ni RONALD.....

    ...Oo nga Kris, magkamukha nga sila. Ang napansin ko pa. sa ibang pagkakataon---iba iba mukha ni Ronald the mascot. kung minsan pangit at nakakatakot sya.......Looks like Jabe is more cute.kkk

  7. OMG! freaky! Clowns are freaky! Freaky freaky freaky! baby clowns are even freakier!

  8. frog---maybe you are fond of watching those horror movies from KOREA or Thailand. True?

  9. hahaha, scary indeed. i wonder how grimace and hamburglar look as babies! it's weird because i actually know the actual ronal mcdonald's in the philippines. i worked in mcdo for almost five years before and met the Ronalds right in the flesh! (They had to take up a special course for being a Ronald in the US)

  10. Kuya Joven---that's a lot of info. Thanks, now we know. BTW, wla bang special course yung Ronald sa PINAS?

    Jhammy?-----natakot ka rin pala. Okay, convinced nako that the baby is not cute but scary.....

  11. hahahahha!

    cge hnap tau baby pic ni bubuyog....

  12. nope, they had to go to the US lang talaga to study to be Ronald...

    ey, i just found out... nag National Secondary Schools Press Conference ka rin pala when you were in HS??? What event did you join?


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