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For the first time......


I love watching
My friend could tease me all
he want that I am so cheap and
everything but this is something
I am proud of doing.
My friend is a picture of
pretending and
deceiving himself
that he can find
in the thinking that
anything LOCAL
is inferior and anything
foreign is at it's best.
But I will keep saying it,
watching a FOREIGN MOVIE
is like watching our people
die in HUNGER,
in poverty.
Yes, I still watch
Hollywood movies but
I make it a point
that I also support locally
produced films.


I am an avid fan of ABS-CBN but as much as possible, I would like to spare my blog from the network war going on in this country. But I am also human, so I cannot help but express my admiration to the movies produced by star cinema. Thanks to them, our movie industry is still alive and is continuously improving....


This is the teaser of the movie

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez are paired in Star Cinema's "Valentine-in-August" romance-dramedy For the First Time, directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, which follows the lives of two people from very different worlds. Richard plays Seth, a rich and impulsive playboy who runs away from serious relationships and doesn't give much thought to the women he goes out with. KC plays Pia, a prude and ambitious girl who feels responsible for the tragedy that has befallen her life, leaving a scar that constantly reminds her of it. They meet in the romantic Greek island of Santorini (most of the scenes were shot there, all in more than 10 days) and guess what happens next.

We will watch it this weekend not just for the love-love-KILIG kinda thing but to see if it is another laurel in our efforts to improve the quality of films we are producing in our country. As of now, I would like to note that I am very glad we have beautiful and talented people like them around. There is hope for the industry after all......


  1. somewhat guilty about the hollywood thingy. hehe. wala kasi akong bilib sa local artists natin eh. im more attached to hollywood movies.

    pero tama ka nga.. habang pinagpipiyestahan ang foreign movies, naghihikahos naman ang local industry. buti nalang meron pang natitirang isang kagaya mo. hehe.

  2. Kris---are you serious? Lasallista ka diba? Curious lang.....

    JP---start watching star cinema movies and you might appreciate it. If not all, kahit a few lahat. You have to start somewhere. It's never too late. Islander kapamandin. Hmmmm......

  3. hays... i see nagteam up na kayo ni Kris Jasper.. hahaha!

    ewan ko ba. mahilig ako manuod ng Filipino movies dati kaya lang parang nagsawa ako dahil sa alam ko na yung mangyayari. mapili pa naman ako. i am very particular with the quality of the story, kahit na panhit ang mga kuha. that's why i love independent movies more. i believe na sila ang bumubuhay sa movie industry lately. and what i love about them is how the stories were very well-written.


    pinalitan ko na kasi sabi mo palitan ko eh..hehe! ayan kamay ko na lang..hahahaha!

  4. ako napanood ko A Very Special Love. nakakatawa si Sarah. natural na natural. hehe. libre mo nga ko tiks nito? haha!

  5. Ron---I also think Indie films are doing good and they show a lot of potentials for International recognition.....Masahista, kubrador, ANg pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. They kinda cater to sensitive issues so not everybody could relate to them or are not at ease watching them. Either way, the goal is to make the local movie industry alive and kicking again. Just like the old days. It takes a lot of support from us......

  6. Allen, cge treat kita pero treat mono I am NINOY tee-shirt sa BENCH ha.kkkk

  7. kala ko joke serious pala, i remember as a kid i loved magic temple by star cinema and from then on i think it's the only movie outfit that really contributed something to the industry kaso these days they're more on kilig stories... not my tipo

    but i guess it doesn't hurt to try it once in a while

    go kapuso!! joke.. i can't watch tv anymore T___T

  8. I dont watch Filipino films UNLESS it is produced by Star Cinema.

    All-time favorites:

    1) One More Chance
    2) Tanging Yaman
    3) Tanging Ina
    4) Dekada 70
    5) Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa?
    6) Madrasta

    But if its just one of those trashy films of Mother Lily and Donna Villa... forget it.

    GMA films?! Non-existent.

  9. Alex---di joke to---seryosong post.kkk. Anyways, try mo lang. you'll enjoy it. Para ka pang nag-donate sa bantay bata.kkk

  10. ArchieMD---thank you. Me nahanap narin ako. masasabi ko lang, yung list lang natin magkaiba---the rest, yun na.kkk

    here's my top 5

    1. DUBAI---pinaiyak ako ng husto dahil ang kuya ko is in JAPAN that time at nagkataon na nahuli sya. The only movie I watched 3 times sa big screen.

    2. A love story--I saw myself in the the movie.

    3. One More Chance---my relationsgip is struggling that time. We saw ourselves in the movie again.

    4. Don't give up on us.---I love the view. Dream ko makarating sa SAGADA.

    5. MILAN---wla lang. nakakatuwa na nag-shoot sila sa ITALIA. mahal mo ba ko kaya kailangan mo ko o kailangan moko kaya mahal moko? kkkk

  11. KC sang the song so sweetly..

  12. Leri---I agree with you. With passion and conviction.......

  13. ....We finally got to see the movie with a couple of friends and yeah, it was good. Not bad for KC given the fact that it was her 1st movie and Richard have shown matureness in his potrayal of his role. I have always thought that he is not that good, but I realized now that he is a good actor din. Dilang basta pa-cute. Maybe because of the fact that he worked with a brilliant director named Bb. Joyce Bernal and the rest of the STAR CINEMA crew. That spells the difference.......

    ....The movie is more on the sosyal side so di ako masyadong nakarelate don. I love SANTORINI GREECE in the movie and I would die to be in that place. Given the realities of my life though, I know that going there is very, very surreal. Good thing though, we can dream. SANA makapunta ako don balang araw. I am still not erasing the possibility. We can never tell.....

    Among all the star Cinema movies that I have watched, I cannot say that it was the best. But it was one of the best. Kudos to star cinema for being bold and congratulations to the young KC and Richard. They made us proud in their portraying their roles. They have a lot of things ahead of them.....

  14. ok ung movie db?

    gawa ng star cinema eh...

    next gusto ko panuorin...

    ang tanging ina nyo lahat...

    aiai yan ha...


  15. hmmm.. i may be a kapuso fan.. but i do like star cinema movies.. :)


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