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Lessons to be learned as the games come to a close.....


Olympics is over
and I cannot help
but to express that
I am so disappointed
with the fact that
all our major Southeast Asian
got medals but
we were not able
to bag any.

I don't blame our athletes at all for I know they did their darn best. And I am not in the mood to point the gun at anybody. But this is indeed an opportune time for us to reflect on the implications of the results. Our sports development program is very inefficient. Let's be proactive and do something about it. This is not just to show-off because I know that we can do it and that our country is doing well economically so a strong performance in sports is therefore expected.

The best way is to look forward. At the end of the day, it's the learning that is important. As ordinary Filipinos, this is an opportunity for us to examine ourselves and how we look into the future. I have always thought that we have the tendency to miss on the long term goals. We should learn how how to think ahead. That's what the Olympics is all about, careful planning and preparation.Some things just don't happen overnight. But as I have always said, I believe in the resilience of the Filipino people. Let's all look forward to 2012.

PS: I think we need to drop the addiction over basketball. We will never win any medal in the sport in the next 100 years. A lot of attention is given to it that we are forgetting that there are more sports we can excel in other than nasketball.

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  1. am pretty disappointed with team philippines.. it just shows how inefficient our sports commission here.. but i wanna congratulate all the athletes who pushed hard their walls as best as they can to make it.. sporting in a global stage is not an easy thing and hats off to them! oh well, let's just hope for the best this 2012 olympics! Mabuhay!

  2. to be honest, we are quite unhappy too, as your neigbor. Philippines used to be the major power in the region, i think by continuous pressure on the govt, you can make it, my dear pinoys @

  3. Bena--that's the kind of optimism that we need. Coupled with action and support from us, we can do it next time.

    Arry---thanks, you are Indonesian but you feel for us. What about you in Indonesia, are you satisfied with the performance of your time or you also feel like you could have done better?

  4. i was also hoping for a medal but i guess it's really too far fetched since the support the athletes get is close to nothing but i'm quite happy about the performance of the swimmers, i think j.b. won in his heat and they were able to break some sea and RP records. good enough for now. hoping to a better RP in London!

  5. i feel dissaponted by the result of course, we cud have done it better. Thanks, dude !

  6. Princesamusang---thanks. I agree but we get the feeling that those are consolations lang. Pero nice job parin.....

    Arry, was surpised to know that. Thanks for the info.....

  7. ugh!!! big fat zero!!!

    it's just sad knowing that the phil sports commission is not really all-out when it comes to supporting our athletes, kaya mukang tag-gutom! joke....

    sana they invested the so called "incentive-for-the-gold-grabber" to the latter's trainings and other sports stuff...

    hindi yung parang bribe lang..

    i know e flips can do it, hopefully next time we'll do THISMUCH better.

  8. Alex---I don't know this "incentive-for-the-gold-grabber" kinda thing. Please educate me on this one.kkk

  9. Oh good lord, i so much wanted to hear our national anthem being played in the olympics! sobrang kulelat tayo and it really breaks my heart that there are 90 million Filipinos but only 15 athletes who tried...

    Leviuqse is right... we should spend the money more on the training, not just on the winning!

  10. The medals we could have earned reflects the people we, Filipinos, could be.

    Think also of the countries in the medal tally... It probably reflects what they are as a nation.

    Also, like what you said on basketball... Example lang e how about if the tall guys and gals get into swimming? (No need to explain why.)

    Hay... kung recognized sana ang Gold natin sa Wushu. Anyways. Sana di lang tayo mag-hope for winning in the Olympics... Let's all work for it even in the little ways we can. Like this post: nag-tackle ng disappointment/dreams natin. :)

  11. kawawa naman tau...

    nanalo nga sa wushu pero di naman counted un...


    pero ok na rin un.

    kahit panu...

    san mapaghandaang maigi yung 2012


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