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I need to pace myself......

Like love,
like happiness,
peace of mind
is a
very illusive thing.....

I was trying to find my own peace of mind these days and it is very hard. What do I need? A good read? A permanent job? A fat bank account? A flexible time for work? I don't know. Nothing seem to work for me. I am so caught up in the moment and I am so unsure about what to do next. Maybe I got a lot of plans and I can't wait to make it all happen. I have a lot of worries. I should keep reminding myself that worrying just make me busy but doesn't get me somewhere. I should learn to pace myself. Yeah, I think that's what I need to do.....

It's true. Our natural tendency is to be happy and peaceful until we disturb it.......


  1. maybe it's the new routine that you're having now...

    it'll take time to get used to it i guess, pero mabilis lang yun

    take josh's advice, idaan mo sa gantsilyo hehe

    good read?? hey try to read "being happy" by andrew matthews it's all about positive vibes, feel good book sha

  2. i agree. i think all you need to do is break the monotony every once in a while... like learn how to master the 200m butterfly (it's never too late to be a Michael Phelps) or perhaps learn a new language. Or even a visit to a far off place over the weekend can do wonders (Villa Escudero or Club Punta Fuego?).

    If all else fails, there's always a spa nearby...

  3. dami mo pinupuntahan. kainggit. haha.

  4. learning how to master the 200m butterfly -----kkk. You made me laugh out loud there. Like, in my dreams.kkk.

    Honestly, I dreamed of representing the Philippines in the Olympics once in my life and that means winning the first gold for our country. But when reality sets in the dreaming ends. Now, it's just one of my many frustrations.

    Thanks for the advice po.

  5. Allen, sa papag lang yan po s ANDA Pangasinan. kkk
    para nga akong baboy na kakatayin e. Pero masarap humilata dyan lalo pag tanghali at mahangin. Naku....

  6. i'm feeling the same way. and sometimes it drives me crazy to the bones.

    a walk may help, you know. ;)

  7. yeah, nice idea.
    one question though.....
    How often do I need to do that?
    kidding. thanks


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