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Is the US sourgraping?

An American blogger
mentioned that there
are some inconsistencies
among the judges
of this years Olympic games
siting very particular
examples in gymnastics.

He even predicted
that unfair judging aside, the medal tally would have been;

China: 22 gold; 11 silver; 11 bronze

United States: 21 gold; 19 silver; 21 bronze

.....while there might be some basis for this, isn't America just not ready to accept the end of their Olympic domination?


  1. wow..may ganito palang nangyayari, hindi ko alam..thanks...hindi ko alam kung may dayaan, pero ang alam ko, malabo tlaga ang judjing lalo na ganitong event. i mean, everything is subjective kahit meron pang nakaset na standards for scoring...hays...pero grabe naman ang biased. hehe!

  2. hmm they could be yah

    considering na ang lakas mag-power trip ng u.s

    how long ba sila nag-reign sa olympics?

  3. Yes Ron, it could be very subjective talaga. Those are judgement calls kasi.....
    ....about how many years they reigned in the Olympics, I am not sure nga lang Alex.


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