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TAGAYTAY: finding peace in its hills.......


Thanks to
we had a long weekend
last week
so we decided to
take advantage it
and get some fresh air
outside Manila.
It was basically unplanned
so we went to the nearest
place possible.
The place is Tagaytay.

Yeah, its a very generic place for us Filipinos. But since I would like to believe that I have a lot of readers outside the Philippines (say 5 or 6) I would like to post this article as if all of my visitors doesn't know it......kkk

So, we left Manila Saturday afternoon. It's just 50 kms away but it took us 2 hours to get there because of the heavy traffic in Cavite. We even ended on standing position since there are many passengers. You see, the line is very long and it might take us an hour of waiting just to have our bus so I asked the guard and he mentioned that we don't have to queue if we are on to stand in the middle. We were inside the bus before he could say another word.kkk. Good thing it was air conditioned.

Tagaytay was very peaceful at night, and unlike Baguio, it was not crowded. We spent the whole of Sunday going to places we've been before. Only this time, it's sweeter......

Of coarse you cannot miss the picnic groove as it became the a landmark of the area. I agree that it is the best spot where you can take a clear shot of the volcano in the middle of the lake which, for the sake of my 5 foreign readers, we call TAAL.
This is where I had my best shot.......

.....except that I was so excited I didn't notice I was beside a garbage can.kkk. And the same f**kng can ruined the only photo my gf and I have together.

....If I may not, I've been in Tagaytay thrice but never in the PEOLPLE's PARK, otherwise known as the palace in the sky. My gf was so confident that she know the place. But we ended in the entrance of TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS which is a residential village for the elite.
---that's mount MAKILING of LAGUNA on the background. we ended up hiking for around 15 or 20 minutes. I am not sure anymore. I enjoyed every moment of it because of the clean environment, well paved road and most of all, fresh air.

Then came the PALACE in the sky. It was the tallest peak in the AREA where you can have a very good view of everything around Tagaytay.....the lake and Mt Makiling on the south and even Manila in the North. I noticed the buildings in Manila although it's not very clear because of the smoke. We spent a few hours here. There are resto's or shall I see canteens and shops where you can buy some souvineers. My gf was so happy to have 2 bags in a day and she tried to do some bryanboy poses.kkk

It was fun Just lying in the grass...
......and on sitting the hillside......
....I love it!!!!!


  1. nice pics... sweet!!

    miss ko na tagaytay!! haaayy!! ingget tuloy ako!! ahehehe!!


  2. hello, nice blog and nice pictures!!!!

  3. ganda ng last two shots! buti ka pa nasisingit mo pa sa sched mo mag travel!

    ganda ng tagaytay!

  4. when i was still working in makati, i used to go to tagaytay whenever i need a quick provincial fix. promdi kasi ko eh. now, bihira ko na puntahan yan but thanks to your post naalala ko na naman mga fond memories ko about the place.

  5. Jhammy----what are you waiting for?hop in the bus and have fun. Malapit lang naman. Bring your friends para mas masaya.

    Andrea---thanks for dropping ha and posting a comment. Appreciate it

  6. Alex---I agree, the sky though is a bit dark so parang gloomy ang effect. hapon na kasi.

    Lawstude----where do you work now anyway? Kala ko you are still a student of law. What keeps you busy these days aside from going to many many many different places?

  7. Lapit lang ng Tagaytay sa Silang, Cavite where my mom lives, will leave me sad memories someday...but yes, it is a really nice and cool place, Tagaytay is one good place to reminisce with life experiences and commune with Him, its no wonder why my mom would love to spend most of her remaining time here on earth...drama, shyet...basta, maganda ang post na to!

  8. wow,what a get away!(kainggit!!)tagaytay..i miss it too..i wonder when can i visit the place again???yah,seeing your pics bring back good memories!!!enjoy each other..God bless

  9. ahehe...i'm 21...death is an enigmatic concept...something that reels my head with questions and something that intrigues me. its effect on people and stuff...if i have a death note? hmm... tricky question ha? hahaha!

    xenxa na kung napahaba yung entry. medyo may pagkaobsessive-compulsive ako when doing things i am so fond off... i don't want to miss one detail if i can help it. i am this type of blogger... :)

    gross ba kung may toothbrush? ahehehe! wala ako maisip na ipalit eh... thanks for commenting...


    hays...nakakamiss ang tagaytay..dito lagi ang reunion namin tuwing krismas at new year. i have to give credits who took these shots. lalo na yung palubog na yung araw?... just perfect.

  10. marissa, ---drama na dram k? mamaya mgka-award ka na---dramatic mom.kkk

    Leri---looks like this blog is now your connection to the Philippines. Sabi ko naman su blog kanarin dyan sa HK.

  11. Ron---di naman gross. Maybe that's the playful side of you. Kala ko tuloy toty ka or what. Pero nung nakita ko friendster mo parang iba. So, looking at your pic with the brush and looking at your friendster pics is like looking at 2 different people. Gives you the kind of feeling. WHO IS RON HeRE? gets mo.....? but not in a bad way ha. wala lang.kkk

  12. shucks, i miss tagaytay!!! tawilis rules!!!

  13. Kuya Joven---saan ka nga pala nakatira sa PINAS dati?

  14. indeed, it is pls never get tired updating your blog..hehehe!God bless


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