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Zambales is the place to be......

Never mind
Bejing now
and move over
here I come....

It's not yet new year tomorrow but since I got a lot of spare time I just want to recall the things that happened in my life this 2008.More time to think, breath and be melodramatic eh......

Despite the hectic work schedule and the fact that my holidays are dependent on the Korean calendar, I would say I had a couple of trips that I enjoyed. last March, we went to San Antonio Zambales where my travel buddy (JOSH) spent his childhood. It's a small town , very usual if you are in the central part. But walk a little and you see a small river and the Mountain on the background. It was so peaceful at night and there's this kubo near the river where we stayed until 8pm just listening to our heartbeat and looking at the stars. Ahhh, reminds me of TABINGilog (the tv show). I love the peace of that place.

Then there's the beach.....

The name is Pundakit. This is where the famous Capones Island could be found. But since we went there late, we were not able to plan for a trip in the island. With the memory of Boracay still fresh in my mind, I would say I was not impressed with the sand. It was very coarse and brown. Nonetheless, we still managed to take a few shots despite the sunburn still obvious in our faces.

It is also very difficult to walk on the sand but we still managed to make it to the Southern tip of the beach and back after which it's dark so we need to find our way back to town which is something like 15 minutes via motorcycle.
Ah, yes, I remember the motorcycle ride. I drove that day and the view is also a thing to be cherished.....


  1. haha! ang galing nung first pic. ang ganda ng bundok sa backdrop. ito ba yung sinasabi mong brown sand din? ayos lang yan... though white sand beaches are fascinating, ayos din yung may beyond the usual. pag napunta akong zambales, pupuntahan ko din yan. malapit ba yan from calapandayan?

  2. ang dami niyo palang napuntahan ni josh!

  3. Islander---diko lam san calapandyan e? San ba yun?kkk.

    Alex--Dami ko narin napuntahan na wala manlang natirang pics or proof manlang.
    Like Mindanao at Aurora....

  4. nakakaingget naman, my time magbakasyon?!

  5. Nag piknik din kami jan nung bata pa ako!!! Nakaka miss tuloy....

  6. ayos! kakapunta lang namin dyan pero hindi kami nakaligo sa beach ng punadakit kasi pumunta na kami ng capones.

  7. Chyng, me passport ka naman na so you can anywhere you want now.

    Take a break......

  8. Marissa, time to go back there. matagal-tagal narin yun I guess. Ngapala. Nice that you updated your blog and that you are now active in blogging....

    Ingat lagi ha.kaw talaga.

  9. Dong. Thanks. Buti kapa nakapunta ka Capones. Nakita ko nga yung bonfire nyo in your blog.

    Yeah, I think having picnic in an island like Capones is a great idea.

  10. you had a lot of fun! ang sarap sigurong magstar gazing dyan..hays...hindi pa ko nakakapunta ng boracay...thanks for posting! ciao!

  11. Hmm..are all the comments in your mother tongue? I dun understand huhu..

    And oops..u left your footprints on the beach! Dun forget to bring them back!

  12. OO Ron, napaka-peaceful. Sorry don't have picture of the tabing-sapa thing. Don't worry pagbalik ko don kukuhanan ko na. For now, it's all in my memory and thinking of it makes me calm and peaceful....

  13. Yes Liz, most of the are in our native language Filipino. Sorry.
    Is is in any way similar to Malay, your language?

  14. Wow, I've lived in Manila for five years before moving abroad but I really never had the chance (or effort) to go to Zambales! Now I'm really regretting it!

  15. Don't be. I am sure namn there are more opportunities in the future. By the way, how often do you go back home here in the Philippines?

  16. panalo pa rin beaches sa Pilipinas!!...keep on posting ur pics to promote our ecotourism..really unbeatable! something we can really be proud of..beach dito. di mo ma-feel pagka-natural!!!i also miss the cold breeze in the countryside...i miss home!!!


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