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Pageantry and Fagotry in the Beijing Olympics.....

I don't know if
this person
is in love with
Yao Ming
or he just want to
hug the entire Chinese
Chairman Mao
might not like it
but I thought
it's just cute.....

Message to the communist government: Let him be, just for the sake of the Olympic spirit.kkk


  1. Haha! This is funny, this guy must be a great jumper!

  2. Hahahaha! Talaga lang, para siyang gumidiyap kay Dingdong!

  3. hehe ang cute! china's leading pa rin?

  4. yeah, they are still leading but let's see when the swimming competition starts. That's where the US is strong and it is a medal rich event. let's wait and see..


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