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Behind the clouds, the sun is still shining.......

Since I started
downloading my sitemeter
last July 11
I became
so conscious of my
I never thought
this thing could get
so addictive....

I say, not bad for a starter.
Then again, it's not always
Christmas. My figures were so
down this weekend
that my heart leaped a bit.

But it's okay, my main goal is to just enjoy blogging and therefore control the temptation of giving in to the pressure of posting just for the sake of posting. And since last Friday was my last day for work and I don't have to wake up early Monday, I decided to just stay out of my room this weekend.My stats are down but I did enjoyed my Saturday despite the rains in Manila.

With 3 of my friends, I attended the birthday party of the son of a former co-worker Inah in Kowloon House-West Avenue.

Yeah right, it's just a birthday party for kids but I did enjoy the clowns . They are really very funny. I felt like I was a kid again. Basta, they were just funny, everybody in the room was laughing so I guess I was still normal. kkk.
Then we went to TRINOMA, had coffee in a rainy evening and felt like celebrity.........

Sorry I don't look photogenic.kkk. Anyways, after we got tired of moving around the place, we decided to go to TIMOG for some beer and smoke and Reggae Music. Symaka is the place. It's my first time there and it's just okay but my friend Josh is soooooo much into it the he even made us sit near the speakers. it was okay at first but after an hour, my ears stated to hurt and the rest is just noise. We stayed there for more than 3 hours. Last update, my friend was dancing to the beat while I was quiet in one corner. had so much of it I guess......

I guess you can't have it all but you can get used to having a piece of life.......
But indeed, all's well that ends well.


  1. hi!

    that's right, it's much better if other people READ your blog and not JUST DROP BY.

    nagiging promotion na kasi yung blogosphere. ex-link agad ang demand ng iba. funny. (--,)

  2. gosh.....i like the pictures. I MISS PHILIPPINES SO MUCH

  3. first, nice gigs you got.

    second, i agree with the above comment of chyng... readability and comments is what really matters. and you have the ability to attract readers. youre a good writer. i enjoyed reading your journals even if im not used to reading other people's journal because im more interested with places.

  4. richard diongson, a blogger friend posted something about how neurotransmitters lead to blogging addictions...the 'progressing stats' he says triggers dopamine that yields symptoms of addiction..hehe

  5. Chyng...I agree with you 101%, even guilty sometimes. There's load of info kasi.

    Arry.....have you been to the Philippines?

    Islander....thanks for believing even if I always feel that my writing sucks. kkk

    and RON---that's very scientific. Di kinaya ng grey matter ko. kkk

  6. gosh i miss the parteh!

    blooming kayo lahat ah

    ako din my stats dropped 20%!!!

    haha pero okay lang, just enjoy the blogging...

    therapeutic siya eh!

    f*ck sitemeter! haha

  7. Yeah, you missed it Alex. We keep texting
    u kasi yula you are snoring at home.

    .....I like the term---therapeutic.

  8. really therapuetic even just reading the entries that's why i love checking your site..its very informative and entertaining(how do you put that in 1 word like "edutainment")
    hanep si mommy inah,i miss her and the rest of the guys.
    never get tired please coz you dont know how much you're relieving me from my anxieties hehehe. i miss our country and my family as well..


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